Capital Campaigns

October 1, 2005       Craig Causer      

When the Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation (TMC) set out to conduct its current comprehensive capital campaign it did so as a relative newbie. The first and only capital campaign in its history had previously gathered $20 million. Armed with that knowledge, the organization set an initial goal of $28.5 million and rapidly passed that figure in the silent phase of the campaign alone.

Federal Grants

October 1, 2005       Ted Needleman      

The work doesn’t stop once your federal grant app lication is accepted. With approximately 31 percent of nonprofits funded with some amount of federal money, and additional funds generated from similar grants from state and local governments, making sure that the nonprofit is fully compliant with regulatory accounting requirements is no easy task.

And The Pitch

September 15, 2005       Craig Causer      

It’s no secret that many nonprofits lack the media-pitching savvy necessary to optimize exposure of their campaigns. Journalists’ in-boxes are often littered with email announcements and invitations that immediately invoke use of the delete button.

Dont Mail The Dead

September 15, 2005       Don McNamara      

The donor puts the mail on the table, sorts it and finds a letter addressed to a loved one. The letter is a charitable solicitation, attractively presented and containing an appeal sure to arouse sympathy.

On The Internet

September 15, 2005       Alan Naditz      

Officials at Erickson Retirement Communities knew it was time to revamp their residential Web site. So they asked a dozen of their long term care facility residents to help them decide how it should be updated.

Special Report: Tsunami Put Donor Management Software To The Test

September 1, 2005       Ted Needleman      

It has been an interesting year in the donor management software market. For many of the vendors who sell donor management software, the big news this last year wasn’t a new technology. Rather, it was a tragedy — the tsunami that devastated large areas around the Indian Ocean and killed thousands of people.

Merger Mania

September 1, 2005       Don McNamara      

Three California organizations are engaged in a prolonged courtship, staging merger talks to decide if they can establish a long-distance relationship stretching from San Francisco to Los Angeles, even as far as Sacramento.

Getting Cash Faster

September 1, 2005       Don McNamara      

An integral part of the office equipment for the Christian Children’s Fund (CCF) in Richmond, Va., is a desktop scanner.

States Picking Up Regulatory Pace

September 1, 2005       Robert Ford      

As nonprofits face the possibility of congressionally-imposed regulations, increasingly states are looking to establish their own rules on how charities operate.

DMFAs Package Winners Were Top Performers

August 15, 2005       Tom Pope      

Direct mail faces greater competition and this year’s winner of the Direct Marketing Fundraisers Association (DMFA) 2005 Package of the Year Award turned a twist on the image of the wolf. The package, called the Defenders of Wildlife Wolf Sponsorship Kit, showed friendly-looking animals.

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