How To Plan A Leadership Crisis

January 29, 2007       Priscilla Rosenwald      

In Sebastian Junger’s award winning novel, The Perfect Storm, a confluence of conditions combined to form a killer storm in the North Atlantic. The strong-willed and stubborn captain ignored the warnings and forged ahead, mortally endangering his crew and his ship.

The New Wave Of Philanthropy

January 15, 2007       Natalie Ghidotti      

Entrepreneurial philanthropy. Planetary philanthropy. Venture philanthropy. Innovative philanthropy. Hybrid philanthropy.

Auction Bidders Are Affluent And Female

January 15, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Competitive arousal is what makes online charitable auctions one of the most pleasurable ways to give to a favorite charity. The entertaining, gaming aspect draws participants. And the most likely participant in an online auction is a 41-year-old woman with an annual household income of $108,000, according to preliminary results of a recent study.

Going Community By Community

January 2, 2007       Paul Clolery      

Things have gone full circle at the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (WHOFBCI). The concept started as an idea that was developed with the help of several think tanks, particularly academics and thinkers in Texas and Indianapolis.

It’s A New Year

January 2, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

The balloons have fallen, Auld Lang Syne is a memory, and that New Year’s Day hangover is now just a dull throb in the back of your head. It’s time to get to work on the new year.


January 2, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Girl Scouts of the USA is undertaking a realignment to remake its programming and brand in hopes of remaining relevant to girls in the coming years. Borne out of a strategic movement that began in 2004, the realignment of more than 300 local Girl Scout councils nationwide was approved by the national board.

Nonprofit Mail Rates Capped At CPI

December 18, 2006       Lee Cassidy      

More than a decade in the making, postal reform legislation will be become law after President George W. Bush signs the legislation at a ceremony scheduled for Wednesday. For the first time in a generation, the laws governing the finance and operations of the United States Postal Service (USPS) will be revised, making future rate hikes more predictable for nonprofits and bringing financial stability to the nation’s mail system.

Casting Your Net Into Another Pool

December 15, 2006       Marla Nobles      

Ghana native Berenice, 19, discusses her life, dreams and aspirations as she embarks on her first year at university. Youth reporter Jordan from Ireland talks to young people and reports on how sports can help both children and nations. Young survivors in Aceh, Indonesia, create diaries documenting their lives post-tsunami.

Planned Gift Philanthropy

December 15, 2006       Mike Patterson      

Four sweeping “megatrends” are shaping the direction of planned gift philanthropy, and a nonprofit’s ability to adjust could determine success — or failure — in fundraising in the years ahead.

Doing The Math

December 4, 2006       Don Austin      

A charity tested a premium package in acquisition against its control package, a straight appeal, over a two-year period. They were somewhat reluctant to begin using premiums in acquisition because of the adage, “donors must be renewed with the same type of package used to acquire them.” The implication would be that the renewal program would also have to become premium oriented.

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