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Stress Free Summer Events

March 1, 2006       Craig Causer      

Summer is the season for exotic locales, vacations from work and time spent with friends and family. Despite the season’s endless entertainment options, nonprofits have not taken a vacation from holding summer events, many of which have proven effective without overwhelming staff, volunteers or organizations’ expense statements.

Special Report: Exclusive NPT Donor Research

March 1, 2006       Craig Causer      

Since its inception in 1999,, the first Internet auction site built and operated by a nonprofit, has blossomed from a $63,000-a-year operation to over $9.1 million in total sales in 2005. While the success of follows a general trend that auction sites and online shopping have grown by leaps and bounds the last five years, the charitable retail landscape continues to be dominated by purchases conducted at physical store locations.

Finance Fundraising And The Executive Suite

March 1, 2006       Paul Clolery      

If yesterday’s nonprofit financial department was a comfortable two-lane highway, today’s financial operation is beginning to look more like the intersection of several highways and train routes with an explosion of city streets thrown in for good measure.

Cartoons Have Long Been Politically Incorrect

March 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

It was said that Helen of Troy had a face that could launch 1,000 ships. Now it can be said that a cartoon has launched protests and fatal violence around the globe.

Sleeping With The Phishes

February 15, 2006       Craig Causer      

Cialis. Sons of deposed leaders of the Congo. Hot stock tips. Each is an example of the unwanted greetings popping up throughout email inboxes across the globe.

Wimpy Web Sites Get Muscle

February 15, 2006       Craig Causer      

Listen to me now and believe me later — nobody extolled the virtues of pumping up more than the masters Hans and Franz. Wimpy Web sites shouldn’t expect immediate Schwarzenegger-like development a la Hans and Franz, but there are a number of methods nonprofits are utilizing to trim down and muscle up online.

Direct Mail Doubling Days Taking Longer

February 15, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

Nonprofits are tweaking the traditional forecasting tool they use to measure the success of mailings, so-called doubling days, in the face of what some say is slower mail delivery.

Special Report February 2006

February 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

Your organization is looking for a new leader. You’ve made your pitch, offering what you think is a competitive salary and benefits package. What’s it going to take to close the deal?

Habitat Walks Away From Affiliates’ Botched Job

February 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

Leah and Joe Pullaro and their eight kids outgrew their home “many children ago.” The Pullaros live in Washington Depot, Conn., about 90 miles from New York City, where housing prices are astronomical. They could’ve done okay selling their house, but it wouldn’t have been enough to buy a larger home in the same community.

5 Years Later

February 1, 2006       Marla Nobles      

Four is the only number in the English language for which the number of letters in the word equals the number itself. It is the number of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Four years (or less) is also the average amount of time a chief executive stays at a nonprofit organization, a 2001 study concluded.