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Salary Survey: Salaries Mostly Staying Put

February 1, 2002       Matthew Sinclair      

It was the best of jobs. It was the worst of jobs. Major gifts officers are posting salary gains of 6.8 percent on average for 2002. But with the economic slowdown of 2001 moving into an economically and politically tumultuous era, some organizations have begun to consider whether they can afford to keep major gifts officers or are including those responsibilities with those of planned giving officers.

Some Charities Spurn Uncle Sam

February 1, 2002       Jeanie Stokes      

When the Corporation for National and Community Service sought grant proposals from major nonprofits to help smaller organizations qualify for federal assistance last year, United Jewish Communities (UJC) considered the offer.

Losing Faith

February 1, 2002       Doug Brown      

A year after President Bush took office with plans to expand use of religious charities for federally funded social services, his controversial faith-based initiative appears in disarray.

Tracking Impact

February 1, 2002       Todd Cohen, the AOL Time Warner Foundation Web site dedicated to giving, volunteering and nonprofit resources, posted steady traffic and growth in online giving during its two-year run, despite tough times for e-philanthropy, the foundation said.

Special Report: Policy Primer

January 1, 2002       Nicholas Deane      

It seemed like America had entered a kind of economic nirvana early in 2000. The economy was going through the roof. The NASDAQ passed the 5,000 mark and the Dow was at an all-time high.

Special Report: Pooled Income Funds Can Help Keep Charities Afloat

January 1, 2002       Richard Williamson      

The goal of any planned giving program is to leverage every gift to its highest value while satisfying the wishes of the donor. Common trust arrangements usually serve this purpose quite well. But there are times — especially in a slumping economy — when a different plan is more suitable and beneficial for both parties.

Dot Bombs and World Events Push Increases at Peace Corps

January 1, 2002       Matthew Sinclair      

The news of technology-based companies weathering a rough economic storm seems to hit the papers every day. Personal computer-maker Gateway announced it was slashing nearly a quarter of its global workforce. Toshiba announced 17,000 layoffs globally. Lucent Technologies could go down as one of the most colossal corporate collapses in history.

Immigration Groups Stretched

January 1, 2002       Beverly Goodman      

No matter how welcoming the Statue of Liberty may seem, she doesn’t offer the one thing just about all immigrants require — legal advice. Instead, the nonprofit organizations that assist immigrants in all areas of adjusting to American life are often charged with the crucial task of providing much of that information.

Neither Sleet Nor Snow Nor Nuclear Winter

January 1, 2002       Craig Causer      

With the current fear of anthrax-laced letters continuing to loom over both postal workers and mail recipients alike, one might ask, “How can this be happening within a system that is designed to survive a nuclear holocaust?” Yes, a nuclear holocaust.

Revolving Door at Top Nonprofit DM Positions

January 1, 2002       Clint Carpenter      

Three of the most influential women in direct response marketing made career moves in the past few months, two testing the consulting field, and one making an internal move.