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Houston Nonprofits in Enrons Undertow

March 1, 2002       Richard Williamson      

When Tropical Storm Allison flooded Houston’s theater district last June, the Society for the Performing Arts lost its headquarters along with valuable equipment and records needed to stay afloat.

Politically Charged Mailers Toned it Down

March 1, 2002       Clint Carpenter      

The typical rancor launched by political mailers liberal and conservative alike toned down a bit following the terrorist attacks of September 11, but it is expected to heat back up.

USO is Out to Make Some New Memories

March 1, 2002       Tom Pope      

For years the face of Bob Hope made Americans think of the United Service Organizations (USO). And with the grim tragedies of September 11, the activity of the USO goes on with new celebrities who take up the mantle to again entertain the troops overseas.

Youth Focus

March 1, 2002       Todd Cohen      

Giving young people greater access to the Internet and digital technology is the focus of a new initiative being coordinated by The Children’s Partnership in Santa Monica, Calif.

Special Report: Hiring Practices Somewhat Bumpy In Rough Economy

February 1, 2002       Clint Carpenter      

More than two million Americans lost their jobs during 2001, but nonprofits were for the most part able to keep an even workforce. And while many nonprofits made infrastructure changes in 2001 due to a staggering economy, the hiring of mid to senior level executives continued to flourish.

Salary Survey: Salaries Mostly Staying Put

February 1, 2002       Matthew Sinclair      

It was the best of jobs. It was the worst of jobs. Major gifts officers are posting salary gains of 6.8 percent on average for 2002. But with the economic slowdown of 2001 moving into an economically and politically tumultuous era, some organizations have begun to consider whether they can afford to keep major gifts officers or are including those responsibilities with those of planned giving officers.

Some Charities Spurn Uncle Sam

February 1, 2002       Jeanie Stokes      

When the Corporation for National and Community Service sought grant proposals from major nonprofits to help smaller organizations qualify for federal assistance last year, United Jewish Communities (UJC) considered the offer.

Losing Faith

February 1, 2002       Doug Brown      

A year after President Bush took office with plans to expand use of religious charities for federally funded social services, his controversial faith-based initiative appears in disarray.

Tracking Impact

February 1, 2002       Todd Cohen, the AOL Time Warner Foundation Web site dedicated to giving, volunteering and nonprofit resources, posted steady traffic and growth in online giving during its two-year run, despite tough times for e-philanthropy, the foundation said.

Special Report: Policy Primer

January 1, 2002       Nicholas Deane      

It seemed like America had entered a kind of economic nirvana early in 2000. The economy was going through the roof. The NASDAQ passed the 5,000 mark and the Dow was at an all-time high.