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Special Report: Some Benefits Rub Employees the Right Way

February 1, 2001       Clint Carpenter      

Trying to raise money or run a program can be stressful. But, the folks at Alaska Assets, Inc. in Anchorage have a solution. Massage therapy.

Special Report-Nonprofit Paychecks Continue to Climb

February 1, 2001       Paul Clolery      

If you’re a planned giving officer anywhere in the United States, but particularly for a foundation, your 2001 paycheck is going to be significantly heavier. The average pay for the top planned giving officer at a foundation is $89,362. And, planned giving professionals at associations will receive the greatest pay hike, 26 percent to an average $57,382.

Save Dollars on Your Brokers Commissions

February 1, 2001       Tom Pope      

As chief financial officers struggle with a nonprofit’s finances they would probably like getting back some of the money they spend just to coordinate the funds.

Leaders Need Guts, Cooperation

February 1, 2001       Paul Clolery      

As Fred Grandy left his job as president and chief executive officer of Goodwill Industries International he seemed a bit frustrated. While progress certainly was made at the Bethesda, Md.-based organization during his five years, much larger, sector-wide issues weighed on his mind.

NPO Leadership a Revolving Door

February 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

When Peter Goldberg became part of a group called "the Leadership 18" in January 1994, he found himself among an elite group of the heads of some of the country’s leading health and human services organizations.

Special Report-Planned Giving 2

January 1, 2001       Bridget Rosenberg      

Endowments mean endurance for the long-distance runners of the nonprofit world, a planned giving expert explained. "Slow and steady wins the race," said Philip M. Purcell, director of the Planned Giving Resource Center for the Central Indiana Community Foundation in Indianapolis. "In the nonprofit world, it’s a marathon."

Special Report-Planned Giving

January 1, 2001       Clint Carpenter      

Can a nonprofit really cash in on a divorce by using a charitable remainder trust (CRT) as a way for a donor to pay alimony? According to Joseph O. Bull, director of planned giving for Ohio State University in Columbus, the answer is yes.

NPO Workers Taking More Unscheduled Days Off

January 1, 2001       Jeff Berger      

Workers at nonprofits are racking-up more unscheduled absences than their for-profit counterparts. While the overall rate of workforce unscheduled absences dropped last year, to 2.1 percent, the number of unexcused absences at nonprofits hit approximately 2.8 percent.

Tax Implications Stall Partnership Stock Gifts

January 1, 2001       Bridget Rosenberg      

William P. Carey, founder of the W.P. Carey Foundation and trustee for Johns Hopkins University, has donated millions to support the work of nonprofits, especially those that do work for education and the arts.

Museum Goes Solar to Enlighten Patrons

January 1, 2001       Tom Pope      

A partnership of regional funders has financed 280 solar panels for the roof of the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago, the first of the city’s nine major museums to attempt to harness solar power.