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High Profile Coaches Fund More Than Sports

July 1, 2001       Clint Carpenter      

People in Lubbock, Texas began clamoring the instant they realized Bobby Knight was going to be Texas Tech University’s new men’s basketball coach – flooding the season ticket office with requests.

Playing Percentages

July 1, 2001       Craig Causer      

College commencement is a turning point in which the newly crowned graduate is welcomed into the “real world” with often eye-popping student loan bills, job market concerns and the ever-pressing question, “How can I move out of my parent’s basement?”

Technology Evolves

July 1, 2001       Todd Cohen      

San Jose-based HandsNet has roughly halved its staff to seven and closed its training center in Washington, D.C., as part of a shift in strategy.

Special Report-Rating the Web

June 1, 2001       Todd Baker      

Everyone has a favorite Web site, and it’s for reasons as diverse as the people going online. For some, graphics are paramount. These individuals return day after day to see what dazzling new pictures, informative charts, and colorful, moving symbols await them. For others it’s content, flow of information, color palette, or simply the “feel” of the site itself.


June 1, 2001       Todd Cohen      

A small but growing corps of nonprofits are igniting a new wave of Web-based initiatives that are changing the way they do business. Beyond simply using Web sites as electronic brochures, for example, or converting paper records to software databases, these pioneering nonprofits are using technology to rethink and retool their operations and services, build resources and better connect and involve donors, partners, volunteers, clients and staff and board members.

Giving Hit 203 Billion Dollars in Year 2000

June 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

Following a year of transitions, the nation’s charities found the donating public staying true to form, giving at record-breaking levels. Yet, like the nation’s economy, the growth of giving has slowed significantly.

Nonprofits Gearing Up For Welfare Reform Time Limits

June 1, 2001       Nicholas Deane      

The final clock is ticking.

Articles Rattle Jerusalem Ys Vestige of Peace

June 1, 2001       Matthew Sinclair      

The ongoing hostilities between Israelis and Palestinians have commanded attention in newspapers and on the nightly news across the globe. Eruptions of violence and deaths, even shootings during funerals, have caused sadness and anger, with virtually every action and response taking on political overtones.

Social Justice

June 1, 2001       Todd Cohen      

Civil rights groups are stepping up efforts to harness technology in the cause of social justice. A new Web site has been launched to help fight bias, while a series of initiatives are underway to help rights organizations become more savvy about using technology and influencing tech policy.

Special Report-Buy Build or Rent

May 1, 2001       Tim Mills Groninger      

Information management has become increasingly important in running an effective nonprofit organization. At the IT Resource Center in Chicago, we have been part of a quiet revolution in how organizations think about this core corporate asset.