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Volunteer Centers, POL Sign Affiliate Agreement

August 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

Fifteen years after the National Volunteer Center merged with the Points of Light Foundation (POL), a formal affiliate agreement has been developed in an effort to define expectations and strengthen both the affiliates and the national organization.

Advocacy Groups Fight Attempts To Limit Email

August 1, 2006       Marla Nobles      

In the way that many Congressional offices want to curb the number of emails they receive, a coalition of nonprofits is hoping to blunt the spread of what the group claims will prevent grassroots lobbying.

Show Me The Premium

July 15, 2006       Marla Nobles      

St. Joseph’s Indian School doesn’t mail potential donors just one premium, it mails them multiple enticements. Through its donor involvement program, World Vision mails current donors a tangible reminder of the needs of those the organization serves. And by offering lifestyle premiums on the back-end, the National Wildlife Federation not only increased perceived value, it stumbled upon a new branding opportunity.

Fairway To Heaven

July 15, 2006       Craig Causer      

Every golfer has experienced driving the ball and having it nestle snugly within a fairway divot. Extreme times call for extreme measures. Oh so subtly, you remove that clandestine 15th club, the one that proper etiquette dictates you not speak of, the foot wedge, and knock your ball clear when no one is watching.

Giving Estimated At 260 Billion Dollars For 2005

July 1, 2006       Paul Clolery      

Americans opened their wallets, as well as corporate and foundation treasuries, to give an estimated $260.28 billion during 2005, a 6.1 percent increase from adjusted 2004 projections of $245 billion. After inflation, the increase is 2.7 percent, slightly less than the 3.5 percent hike in gross domestic product for the year.

Even In Death, Lay’s Gift Stirs Controversy

July 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

The death last week of former Enron CEO Ken Lay has not quelled controversy involving more than $1 million in an endowment generated from Enron stock, donated by Lay before his fraud conviction.     

Prepare For Landing

June 15, 2006       Craig Causer      

When The Conservation Fund (TCF) developed its new Go Zero program, designed to offset carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees, its goal was to make it both easy and affordable for individuals, corporations, and entire communities to use the tools it provided.

ALAs’ Locator Spreads Flu Information

June 15, 2006       Marla Nobles      

It was the widget heard ‘round the world. Okay, around the nation. And it was seen, not heard, but you get the idea.

Reaching Past Washington

June 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

Robert Egger is mad and he’s not gonna take it anymore. He’s tired of nonprofits getting pushed around in Washington, D.C., getting short shrift in the media and of people in general just getting the wrong idea of nonprofits.

Armies Of Compassion Shepherd Moves On

June 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

When Jim Towey talks about “armies of compassion” he’s speaking about small, faith-based groups that no one’s probably ever heard of, in places most people have never been, helping prisoners just out of jail, children without parents, or women who are drug addicts.