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Mindfulness Presence Spirituality In Fundraising

November 6, 2006       Marla Nobles      

What happens when you combine an Ivy League-bred discipline, the process of a musical genre, and traditional martial arts?     

At IRS-No Accounting For Charities

November 1, 2006       Marla Nobles      

How many tax-exempt organizations are there in the United States? Don’t ask the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) right now.

Slow Going For Kroc Centers

November 1, 2006       Marla Nobles      

When the Salvation Army of San Francisco broke ground this past June on a complex that would include a Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center, the project became the first to make it through a maze of guidelines and restrictions to access a share of the $1.6 billion bequest to the Salvation Army from the McDonald’s fast-food heiress.

Gaming Wins New Advocates

November 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

Marc Sirkin went to the third annual Games for Change conference undecided about where to focus his energies. The vice president of eMarketing for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in White Plains, N.Y., was trying to decide what to accomplish with computer games: fundraising, marketing, brand awareness or mission.

Special Report: What a Relief

November 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

Direct Relief International (DRI) since 1948 has been providing food, clothing, medicine and other necessities to people in need around the world. But it wasn’t until after the Asian tsunami in December 2004 that the California-based relief organization really took its public exposure to another level.

Revenues of NPOs SOARING

November 1, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

It could be said that fundraising and spending in the nonprofit sector during 2005 was a disaster – as in hurricanes Katrina and Rita and the tsunami in Asia.

Disaster Relief Drives Spike In Unrestricted Public Support

October 23, 2006       Marla Nobles      

The United States Fund for UNICEF during 2005 raised approximately $54.7 million through Web giving. While the bulk of that was, as expected, tsunami-related, the unrestricted online giving to the Fund’s core programs shot up nearly 500 percent during the period.     

On The Scene

October 15, 2006       Rick Christ      

This past August, I had the opportunity to return to New Orleans for several days. Though the primary reason for returning was the biennial conference of my college fraternity, I took the opportunity to connect with some of the New Orleans firefighters I met while there last October as a volunteer performing search and rescue for Katrina victims in the lower Ninth Ward.

Jewish-Related Charities Mobilize Because Of War

October 15, 2006       Mark Hrywna      

As the war between Israel and Hezbollah was intensifying this past July, Jewish National Fund was working furiously to mobilize its email donors. Within a day of hostilities beginning, it had sent an email blast to the nearly 280,000 donors in the organization’s database. More messages rapidly followed. Within a week, on all fronts, the nonprofit was fully mobilized.

FDA Fines Red Cross

October 1, 2006       Paul Clolery      

The American Red Cross (ARC) was fined $4.2 million by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for failure to comply with requirements under federal laws and FDA regulations relating to the collection of blood products. The fines were assessed under an amended 2003 consent decree that calls for significant financial penalties when ARC fails to comply with FDA regulations and consent decree provisions designed to ensure the safety of the nation’s blood supply.