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Special Report: A Civil Society

April 1, 2002       Jon Van Til      

The NonProfit Times, a bit uncertainly and without the gloss and color that now grace its pages, made its first appearance early in 1987. Within months of the debut, the nonprofit world had been fundamentally transformed. And barely two years later, communism would fall in Eastern Europe and a whole set of global political and economic realities would be fundamentally reshaped.

Terrorist Attacks, War Effort Spur CFC Giving

April 1, 2002       Matthew Sinclair      

Before September 11, fundraisers were hoping their fall campaigns would be able to help them stave off the repercussions of the faltering U.S. economy. In the wake of the tragedies that day, many organizations hoped they wouldn’t be forgotten as the American public dug deep to donate in unprecedented amounts.

Beating Unemployment Taxes

April 1, 2002       Jeff Jones      

The national unemployment rate climbed to 5.8 percent in December, but Northeast Counseling Services (NCS) anticipates saving $32,085 in state unemployment insurance (SUI) costs for 2002.

Building Relationships

April 1, 2002       Todd Cohen      

Chicago-based National Easter Seal Society, one of the biggest charities serving people with disabilities in the United States, is looking to the Web to build relationships with new donors and increase contributions.

Special Report: Email Campaigns Finding Cyber Success

March 1, 2002       Jeff Jones      

In one of its first e-philanthropy ventures, Sojourners, a nonprofit Christian ministry that publishes Sojourners magazine, more than doubled its online giving in just three weeks.

Special Report: Election Action Networks

March 1, 2002       Matthew Sinclair      

Think globally, act locally: it’s a virtual mantra among many environmental organizations. But it also has a firm hold in getting things done in cyberspace. Viral marketing and good old-fashioned communication have made electronic action networks one of the flashpoints of the Web for nonprofits of different stripes.

Salt Lake Group Hope Economy Captures Gold

March 1, 2002       Jeanie Stokes      

Still weathering a weak economy and a cutback in funding for social services, Utah’s nonprofits are hoping the glow of the Winter Olympics lasts a little longer than the official flame at Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Houston Nonprofits in Enrons Undertow

March 1, 2002       Richard Williamson      

When Tropical Storm Allison flooded Houston’s theater district last June, the Society for the Performing Arts lost its headquarters along with valuable equipment and records needed to stay afloat.

Politically Charged Mailers Toned it Down

March 1, 2002       Clint Carpenter      

The typical rancor launched by political mailers liberal and conservative alike toned down a bit following the terrorist attacks of September 11, but it is expected to heat back up.

USO is Out to Make Some New Memories

March 1, 2002       Tom Pope      

For years the face of Bob Hope made Americans think of the United Service Organizations (USO). And with the grim tragedies of September 11, the activity of the USO goes on with new celebrities who take up the mantle to again entertain the troops overseas.