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Hot Nonprofit Auctions

May 15, 2007       Craig Causer      

The NBC show Heroes flaunts a lot of power — a Japanese comic book geek who can bend time, a cheerleader with the ability to spontaneously regenerate from any injury and a nurse who can mimic the powers of others. The key to the program’s success has been the characters’ various interrelations and how they have attempted to team up to save the world.

Board Fundraising

May 14, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Fundraising is really "friend-making," says Gail Perry, and once you have a friend, they’ll do just about anything for you. That’s one of the steps Perry advises to change the attitudes of nonprofit board members who don’t like trying to raise money.

News: Nonprofit Postal Rates Set To Skyrocket

May 7, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Nonprofits may be faced with a decision to reduce the size of their mailings from flats to letters if substantial postage increases permanently go into effect. The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) returned a decision last week on two of three issues it was asked to reconsider by the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service (USPS).

Florida County Stops Enforcing Embattled Fundraising Ordinance

May 1, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Charities and fundraisers no longer have to register with Pinellas County, Florida, to solicit its residents, a requirement that had been litigated for years.

YouTube Networks Huge Investment Gains For Nonprofits

May 1, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

Everyone’s heard the story of the little old lady who 60 years ago bought stock in a little company called IBM, or the one about two guys who started their computer company in a Silicon Valley garage. The updated version of that story for the new millennium centers around two young men who started an online video-sharing Web site and sold it within two years for more than $1 billion.

Going Virtual In New Orleans

May 1, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

The High Voltage Youth Camp usually draws about 50 kids from around the New Orleans area, providing education and recreation programs for economically disadvantaged teens. The camp canceled its 2005 season because of Hurricane Katrina, but is back with almost as many students. Only this time, some of them aren’t even in New Orleans but scattered around the country.

From Watchdog To Monitored

April 23, 2007       Marla Nobles      

The American Red Cross (ARC) didn’t go very far to find its new chief executive, reaching across town to grab Mark Everson, the commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). While the federal regulator is lauded for his modernization of the massive, revenue-collecting agency, some sector observers question whether his management experience will offset his lack of experience in the nonprofit sector.

Congress Pushing Reforms At Smithsonian

April 16, 2007       Mark Hrywna      

The Smithsonian Institution may be heading down the same path of governance reform as the American Red Cross (ARC), another Congressionally-chartered nonprofit organization, after the resignation of Smithsonian’s top official.


April 15, 2007       Marla Nobles      

The sudden and vast success of the NBC game show “Deal or No Deal” has critics and even fans begging the question: What gives? The show is slow paced. There’s nothing really thought provoking about it. One critic even panned it as a more elaborate version of “Guess How Many Fingers Are Behind My Back?”

Goodwill Trunk Show Takes To The Road

April 15, 2007       Tom Pope      

Impulse buying. Picture an office worker grabbing a candy bar to go with a latte, then running to the lobby of his building and picking up a tie on a rack from Goodwill.