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  • Complaints Filed Against Grant Institute

    By Michele Donohue — June 15, 2008

    More than 40 complaints have been made to various Better Business Bureau (BBB) affiliates against The Grant Institute, with some instructors alleging the organization hasn’t paid them and participants still waiting for refunds for courses that were canceled.

  • Fundraising Fizzles For Myanmar And China

    By Mark Hrywna — June 15, 2008

    Donors have opened their wallets to help the devastated regions of China and Myanmar in recent weeks, but giving hasn’t reached the levels seen after the 2004 Asian tsunami or the Gulf Coast hurricanes in 2005.

  • New Boss At Gates

    By Mark Hrywna — June 15, 2008

    When living donors are still involved with a foundation, it’s not uncommon for them to turn to people they know who can carry out their mission. The selection of Jeff Raikes by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to be their next chief executive officer "certainly fits that mold," said Eugene R. Tempel, executive director of the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.

  • Approaching Businesses

    By Pattie Johnson — June 15, 2008

    Grantseekers need to understand both the motivations behind corporate giving and the options for partnering with corporations to be successful at attracting their support. Unlike foundations, companies are in business to make money, not give it away. The company’s priorities are its customers, shareholders, employees, and bottom line. So why do companies give money, time, and resources to nonprofit organizations?

  • Red Cross Beats J&J In Federal Court

    By Mark Hrywna — June 2, 2008

    The American Red Cross (ARC) is free to use the red cross emblem on products it sells to further its mission under protections granted by Congress in its federal charter more than a century ago, a federal judge ruled.

    Johnson & Johnson (J&J), a New Brunswick, N.J.-based healthcare conglomerate, filed eight claims last September regarding the human service agency’s use of the red cross emblem on health and safety products, some of which were sold by J&J’s competitors. A judge dismissed some of the claims in November.

  • United Way Refocusing On Programs

    By Mark Hrywna — June 1, 2008

    The next evolution of the United Way of America (UWA) will sharpen the focus of the $4-billion organization while "driving a stake in the ground" on the definition of program success and reducing a 1,300-affiliate structure.

    UWA President and CEO Brian Gallagher said consistent metrics is a challenge faced by most systems.

  • Idol Charities Still Waiting For Funds

    By Michele Donohue — June 1, 2008

    Sure, there were lights and cameras. But, the charities that signed on for the televised fundraising edition of American Idol, the Idol Gives Back, still didn’t know how much money was going to be donated to them more than one month after the show’s April 9 airing. And while they will eventually receive cash, they will never know who donated the cash so that they can follow-up for further development.

  • Hospices Put On Life Support

    By Michele Donohue — June 1, 2008

    Hospices care for people at their most vulnerable time, but now those services are at risk as 3,000 Medicare-licensed hospices face slashed reimbursements in President Bush’s 2009 budget proposal.

    "If these cuts do happen, we’re going to have to look at the community. We don’t want patient care to suffer," said Patricia Morgan, Hospice Southeastern Connecticut’s community development director, based in Norwich, Conn.

  • It’s Layoffs And A Lawsuit At ARC In The Twin Cities

    By Michele Donohue — June 1, 2008

    The American Red Cross (ARC) can plan for natural disasters, but the newly merged Twin Cities chapter in Minneapolis, Minn., wasn’t prepared for two waves of layoffs, an age and sexual discrimination lawsuit and a crippling financial market — all during the past two years. Confronted with a $2-million deficit, the Twin Cities ARC announced 11 employee layoffs for the chapter that serves more than 130 cities and 2.5 million people in Minnesota.

  • First Kroc Center Set To Open

    By Mark Hrywna — June 1, 2008

    The first Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center constructed with funding from Joan Kroc’s $1.7-billion bequest will be dedicated June 27 in San Francisco. The opening will mark the first of 30 scheduled to open during the next five years by The Salvation Army. The next one to be dedicated is slated to be Sept. 14 in Atlanta.


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