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General Ramblings: Taxes Vs. Fundraising

May 1, 2012       Paul Clolery      

The images of people begging to be rescued from the roofs of their New Orleans homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are as emblazoned into the memories of Americans as the sight of planes slamming into Towers I and II of the World Trade Center and the television footage of a Secret Service agent jumping on the back of a convertible in Dallas.

Smaller Boards Flexible, Engage All Members

May 1, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Although the board of Do Something was made up of 23 members — right around the sweet spot that most best practices suggest – the Manhattan-based youth volunteer organization still cut it in half.

Nonprofits Make Sure Friends Find Them ‘Pinteresting’

May 1, 2012       Zach Halper      

Lindsay Nichols admitted that she was just experimenting when she created the Pinterest account for GuideStar, a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit that publishes organizational Form 990s and other sector data.

East Coast Vs. West Coast, Public Vs. Private

May 1, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Fundraising at colleges and universities is not unlike the madness that surrounds the NCAA’s annual basketball tournament. The big, major conference schools can dominate at times but the smaller, so-called mid-major schools often give their bigger rivals their comeuppance in a shocking upset.

Business Students Compete To Attack World’s Problems

April 26, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Million-dollar ideas might be hard to come by but budding social entrepreneurs pitched their best Thursday night at New York Public Library in the culmination of the 3rd annual Hult Global Case Challenge.

National Council of Nonprofits Taking Over CLPI

April 24, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

The Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest (CLPI) will transfer its training materials, curriculum and program content to the National Council of Nonprofits (NCN) and wind down operations after 14 years of operation.

Everyone Agrees: The Other Guy Should Give More

April 23, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Just how much money does someone need to earn each year to be considered one of “those people who have a lot money” to support nonprofits? It doesn’t really matter, apparently, as non-donors of any income level consider other people the ones with enough income to give to charity, at least according to a recent survey.

Kardashian Wedding Gifts Slated For Donation

April 20, 2012       Patrick Sullivan      

What is a vegetable spoon, and why does it cost a month’s rent? One or more lucky nonprofits might soon find out.

Corporate Deal Masks Comp At Special Olympics International

April 16, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

J. Brady Lum is a full-time employee of Special Olympics International (SOI), serving as its president and chief operating officer (COO). He even signs off on the organization’s tax form. But, The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, Ga., pays him and the compensation apparently is as secret as the formula for Coke.

Advocacy In A Flash

April 16, 2012       Samuel Fanburg      

Armed with cowboy hats, towels around their hips and questionable dance moves, Take Stock in Children of Sarasota County’s (TSC) flash mob might have been able to spur conversation about the organization’s mission, but did little in terms of raising money.