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  • 8 Things To Reveal About Your Hiring Policy

    By The NonProfit Times — September 28, 2012

    There are two factors that have a big impact on a job seeker’s decision to apply for a job: Pay and quality of the organization. While these are indeed important aspects, an organization’s hiring policy should not be downplayed.

  • Tempel Nominated To Be Philanthropy School Dean

    By The NonProfit Times — September 28, 2012

    Eugene R. Tempel, Ph.D., was nominated to be the founding dean of Indiana University’s (IU) new School of Philanthropy, subject to the approval of the IU Board of Trustees at its next business meeting on Oct. 12.

  • Create A High-Performing Board

    By Dennis Miller — September 27, 2012

    The vast majority of nonprofits have great, dedicated and committed executives and wonderful individual board members. Yet, one of the most common questions asked is “how do we create a high performing board as a whole?”

  • Associations Can Run Afoul Of Anti-Trust Rules

    By Robert Davis — September 27, 2012

    Antitrust: Even the name is ominous. And the closer you look at it, the more vaguely menacing it seems. For example, if you violate the antitrust laws, you might rack up millions of dollars in fines, and you might even go to jail.

  • Social Impact Bonds Set Up Unique Venture Capital Market

    By Todd Cohen — September 27, 2012

    Massachusetts became the first government entity in the United States in 2011 to issue a request for proposals for “social impact bonds.” The bonds are a fledgling financing strategy that ex­perts believe could help take effective social programs to scale by tapping into private capital, with government paying investors back only if the programs produce results.

  • Are You Ready For Volunteers?

    By The NonProfit Times — September 27, 2012

    Every fledgling nonprofit eventually reaches a point where they are ready to start accepting volunteers into their organization. When that time comes, it’s important that you are properly prepared for the work that comes from managing these individuals.

  • Emails On The Run

    By The NonProfit Times — September 27, 2012

    Email is an important tool for all job seekers. It allows them to quickly communicate to employers or networking contacts instantly, and it makes sending documents easier. For all its advantages, however, it does have its downsides.

  • The Summer 2012 Issue Of Exempt Magazine

    By The NonProfit Times — September 27, 2012

    If you are someone who is more interested in nonprofit finance issues rather than management or fundraising, The NonProfit Times‘ sister publication, Exempt Magazine, should be of interest to you. The magazine’s Summer 2012 issue has just been released, providing new content related to the financial side of nonprofits.

  • PTA Sues For-Profit Rival

    By The NonProfit Times — September 26, 2012

    The National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) filed a lawsuit against one of its for-profit rivals, accusing it of attempting to steal its members.

  • 19 Ideas To Prevent Cyber Attacks

    By The NonProfit Times — September 26, 2012

    Remember the good old days when the biggest security concern for businesses was someone stealing from the petty cash box? With most organizations relying heavily on the Internet, another concern has popped up: Cyber Attacks.


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