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  • Survey: Fundraising Confidence Reaches New Low

    By Mark Hrywna — December 18, 2008

    Confidence in the fundraising climate declined 22 percent in the last six months, reaching its lowest level in a decade, according to a survey of nonprofit professionals released today.

  • Madoff Fraud Sparks Investigations, Policy Revisions

    By Mark Hrywna — December 17, 2008

    Days after learning that it may have lost more than $100 million in Bernard Madoff’s billion-dollar Ponzi scheme, Yeshiva University has promised to aspire to the “gold standard” of policies and procedures. This despite questions whether it followed the most basic policy and governance best practices for nonprofits.

  • Charities Closing Because of Stock Fraud

    By Mark Hrywna — December 16, 2008

    The North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System (LIJ) had $5.7 million invested with Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, at least according to its most recent statement from the firm.

  • Princeton, Foundation Settle Donor Intent Case

    By Mark Hrywna — December 15, 2008

    The Robertson Foundation, with assets of more than $900 million as of this past June, will be dissolved as part of a settlement with Princeton University that ends a six-year landmark donor intent case. Robertson v. Princeton had been scheduled to go to trial Jan. 20 before an agreement was reached last week.

  • Divining A Skills Set

    By Susan Ellis — December 1, 2008

    With few exceptions, nonprofits view board volunteers as distinctly different from direct service volunteers. As a result, boards of directors are separated from the routine volunteer management processes developed to ensure more effective volunteering for everyone else. Most volunteer program managers typically have little or nothing to do with the management of the volunteer experience of those who serve as board members.

  • General Ramblings: Tidings Of Good Cheer

    By Paul Clolery — December 1, 2008

    An episode of Seinfeld has been running around in my head since the recent arrivals of a couple of pieces of mail. Jerry’s skinflint pal George handed out cards telling his co-workers that a gift had been made in their names to The Human Fund.

  • Economy, Presidential Race Left A Mark

    By Mark Hrywna — December 1, 2008

    The year 2008 was ushered in without any doubt that it would be one to remember. The presidential campaign was historic perhaps for its length, as well as the breadth of candidates. But, it was also the first time in 80 years that an incumbent president or vice president was not on the ballot. On top of that, a woman and a black man duked it out for the Democratic nomination. In the end, history was made on a cold November night when the nation elected its first black president.

  • Nonprofits Start Franchising

    By Tom Pope — December 1, 2008

    It’s not unusual for a nonprofit to do a lot of mailings. It is uncommon when the charity is mailing for someone else, such as what Woburn, Mass.-based nonprofit CMARC is doing after it purchased an advertising direct mail franchise.

  • A Nation Of Volunteers

    By Craig Causer — December 1, 2008

    The ServiceNation Summit had all the trapping of a VIP experience. There were the Hollywood stars, the top-tier politicians at a New York City venue that was covered by the major networks.

  • Fundraisers Suing State Of Utah

    By Mark Hrywna — November 26, 2008

    Armed with similar arguments that it made in litigation against Pinellas County, Fla., American Charities for Reasonable Fundraising Regulation (ACFRFR) is taking on more states in court, starting with Utah.

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