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  • 5 Resume Improvements

    By The NonProfit Times — October 10, 2012

    There are many ways to tell if your resume will be a success when it gets to the hiring manager’s desk. One of the best of these techniques is to read it as if it were not your own work. Would you be compelled to read it if you weren’t the author?

  • Majority Of Donors Give Without Online Research

    By Paul Clolery — October 10, 2012

    Donors who send in a check after receiving a direct mail appeal are less likely to go online to check out the charity than they were four years ago. That’s a reversal of three years earlier when a spike upward was experienced between 2005 and 2008.

  • Grants: 6 Six Principles For Acquisition Work

    By Barbara Floersh — October 10, 2012

    Facing vast funding demands, nonprofit boards all too often assign the executive director the quixotic task of slaying every dragon with a grant. The roof is falling in? Get a grant. Can’t afford administrative salaries? Get a grant.

  • 5 Ways To Improve Your AdWords

    By The NonProfit Times — October 9, 2012

    There’s a lot that goes into improving traffic to your nonprofit’s website. One of the techniques that is most effective is the use of Google Grants AdWords, a program that allows you to purchase cost-per-click (CPC) advertising that will appear based on popular keywords.

    According to Kristie Ferketich, Google Grants senior strategist, there are ways to optimize your AdWords to get the most out of them. Speaking at Nonprofit Technology Network’s (NTEN) recent Nonprofit Technology Conference, she explained that organizations should keep the following things in mind when working with AdWords:

  • 4 Modern Job Interview Questions

    By The NonProfit Times — October 9, 2012

    You think you know all about the job interview questions employers will ask you? While some of the classic questions (“Tell me a little bit about yourself,” etc) still exist, many organizations are updating their repertoire to reflect current trends. Today’s economic environment demands that nonprofits do their due diligence to ensure the individual they hire has the necessary skills and commitment to succeed.

    With this in mind, here are four modern interview questions for which you should prepare:
    • Have you used social media in previous jobs? Unless you have been living in a cave for the last few years, you will know that social media plays a huge role in most organizations’ marketing practices. Even if you are not applying for a position that deals with these tools, employers want to know that you at least understand how they work. Try to give examples of the ways you have used sites like Twitter or Facebook in your previous jobs.
    • How have you contributed to your most recent company’s success? Simply completing tasks is not enough in today’s workplace; you must show how your actions have contributed to the overall success of the company. If you don’t remember the numbers or stats off the top of your head, promise to provide them in a follow-up email.
    • What kind of work environment makes you the most productive and happy? Hiring managers want to make sure the person they hire will thrive both personally and professionally at their organization. You must do the proper research on the nonprofit’s work environment if you are to successfully answer this question.
    • Why do you want this job? This sounds like a classic interview question, but employers want different answers than before. You can’t just say that the job matches up with your skills and expect to satisfy the questioner. To answer this question properly, you must explain why the position will help you achieve your career goals, and how it will help you grow as a person and a professional.

  • Donation Collection Bin Bill Vetoed

    By Zach Halper — October 9, 2012

    An initiative spearheaded by Goodwill International that would have stopped nonprofits from placing collection bins on private property in California was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The governor called the bill anti-competitive.

  • 9 Accounting Principles For Nonprofit Executives

    By The NonProfit Times — October 8, 2012

    Nonprofit executives, generally, are not the best at accounting, but they still need to know the basics in order to get their organizations on the right fiscal track. Even the basics can take a while to learn, however, and an executive’s time is precious.

  • 5 Common Job Interview Questions

    By The NonProfit Times — October 8, 2012

    Cross-Posted From the Nonprofit Job Seeker

    It’s very rare that you will go to two job interviews that ask you the exact same questions. Chances are, however, that there will be some common threads when it comes to the questions you are asked.

  • Health Groups Plan New Year’s Merger

    By The NonProfit Times — October 8, 2012

    The Epilepsy Foundation and the Epilepsy Therapy Project have announced their intention to merge by January 1, 2013. The new national organization will keep the name Epilepsy Foundation.

  • Webinar: Streamlining Finances And Preventing Fraud With Cloud Computing

    By The NonProfit Times — October 5, 2012

    UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who attended today’s webinar. If you missed the event, you can view the slides and recording on our online library.



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