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  • 3 Necessities For Nonprofit Scaling

    By The NonProfit Times — June 25, 2012

    With the economy still floundering along, the demand for nonprofit services are high. Yet these same organizations are experiencing a lack of resources to fund important programs. How are nonprofits expected to make do? According to a recent post on Huffington Post Impact, the answer lies in scaling.

  • Human Resources: When It’s Appropriate To Use E-Mail

    By The NonProfit Times — June 25, 2012

    Technology has bought us a world of convenience, and there’s no better example of that than electronic mail. E-mail has made life in the business world a lot easier. No longer do organizations have to wait a day or more for an important message to arrive.

    Yet, as with most things, this technology can have its downsides. A message that is meant to be a harmless joke could end up having the opposite effect because of lack of vocal context and, the next thing you know, you have a major office controversy on your hands. That’s why it’s important to know when it’s appropriate to use e-mail or other digital means when communicating with employees.
    A good human resources officer should clearly communicate to employees the appropriate times to use digital communication. In their book “The Big Book of HR,” Barbara Mitchell and Cornelia Gamlem wrote about five situations when you should consider talking rather than typing. Avoid e-mail when:
    • An immediate response is needed. Even though we all have access to e-mail, not everyone checks it regularly. And, let’s face it, some people like to procrastinate.
    • The message might be misunderstood. Sometimes things just don’t come out the right way without vocal context.
    • Face-to-face dialogue is needed.
    • The information is sensitive (bad news, confidential, proprietary information).
    • You are agitated.
    You should also confirm situations where e-mail is appropriate. Use it when:
    • Your audience must get the message.
    • Your audience is at a distance.
    • A record of communication is required.
    • Multiple people must receive the message.
    • A quick but not instant response is needed.
    • Time is needed to compose the message.

  • Foundation, Operating Charity Investment Turn Negative

    By The NonProfit Times — June 25, 2012

    Two companion studies of the nonprofit sector show that investment returns were slightly negative in FY2011 after increasing in the range of 12 percent during FY2010 and 21 percent in FY2009.

  • Boards And Grants, Like Banana and Peel

    By The NonProfit Times — June 25, 2012

    It’s crucial to have 100 percent board member engagement if you want to land a grant, according to three grantmakers and the author of a book on grant writing. If your board isn’t contributing, a foundation won’t feel obligated to do so either.

  • 4 Creative Additions To Your Resume

    By The NonProfit Times — June 22, 2012

    Everyone knows the standard things to include in a resume: Relevant work experience, skills, and education. But did you know there are some other additions you can add? Below are four of them, along with explanations of why they are important:

  • Advocacy: Five Ways To Highlight Your Mission

    By The NonProfit Times — June 22, 2012

    It’s easy for nonprofit managers to lose focus of their mission with the day-to-day concerns of running an organization, but that doesn’t mean it’s alright for advocacy to be thrown aside.

  • Wanted: Vice President Of Strategic Development

    By The NonProfit Times — June 22, 2012

    Community Connections, Inc. in South Yarmouth, Mass. is seeking to hire a Vice President of Strategic Development to help the disabilities services nonprofit develop a new plan for business development. Interested in this position? Read on for more details.

    It goes without saying that this is a pretty high-end position, requiring candidates to be proficient in multiple roles. In addition to the main goal of developing a new direction for the organization, VP of Strategic Development will also be responsible for maximizing current service provision while creating and maintaining business partnerships. Finally, the position will also work to improve services so that Community Connections becomes the provider of choice in Southeastern Massachusetts.
    Make sure you meet the following qualifications before applying for this job:
    • 10 years of upper level management experience and a Master’s degree (preferred).
    • Proven track record of business strategy implementation.
    •  Solid leadership and facilitation skills, with the ability to multi-task and carry projects through to successful completion.
    • Strategic, visionary thinker with the ability to collaborate and “build bridges”; inspirational innovator in creating new ventures.
    If you think you have what it takes to be successful in this role, go to our career center and apply today.

  • IU Board Approves School Of Philanthropy

    By Paul Clolery — June 22, 2012

    The Board of Trustees of Indiana University has approved a plan to establish the nation’s first School of Philanthropy. The degree will carry the same weight as a degree from one of the university’s other schools, such as liberal arts.

  • Why Us: Three Questions About Your Brand

    By The NonProfit Times — June 21, 2012

    A common question donors or potential funders usually ask when approached for money by a nonprofit is “Why should I give to you?” According to two fundraising experts, that question can be answered by asking questions about your brand.

  • Why Enthusiasm Matters In The Job Search

    By The NonProfit Times — June 21, 2012

    Job seekers look for any advantage they can get during the job search. Whether it’s highlighting a unique skill or taking advantage of great contacts, they need all they can help in this job market. What if I told you the best trick you can use is something everybody has?


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