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Fundraisers’ Relationship Helps Derail $3B Campaign

October 15, 2012       Todd Cohen      

Planning for a $3 billion comprehensive campaign at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC), an effort that had been expected to begin its quiet phase next summer, likely will be put on hold, for the third time in four years. Fueling the new delay is UNC’s chancellor announcing he would step down at the end of the school year and the school’s vice chancellor for university advancement quitting under pressure.

Nonprofit Postage Hike of 2.5% Awaits PRC Approval

October 12, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Charities can expect rates for nonprofit standard mail to rise by an average of about 2.5 percent next year.

Majority Of Donors Give Without Online Research

October 10, 2012       Paul Clolery      

Donors who send in a check after receiving a direct mail appeal are less likely to go online to check out the charity than they were four years ago. That’s a reversal of three years earlier when a spike upward was experienced between 2005 and 2008.

Grants: 6 Six Principles For Acquisition Work

October 10, 2012       Barbara Floersh      

Facing vast funding demands, nonprofit boards all too often assign the executive director the quixotic task of slaying every dragon with a grant. The roof is falling in? Get a grant. Can’t afford administrative salaries? Get a grant.

Donation Collection Bin Bill Vetoed

October 9, 2012       Zach Halper      

An initiative spearheaded by Goodwill International that would have stopped nonprofits from placing collection bins on private property in California was vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The governor called the bill anti-competitive.

What Can You Get For $1? Registration in Colorado

October 4, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Nonprofits that solicit contributions in Colorado and file registration statements – as well as professional fundraising consultants and paid solicitors – will see registration fees drop to $1 for at least the next year.

New Boss At United Way Of NYC

October 4, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

United Way of New York City will be led by a female president and CEO for the first time in its history. Sheena Wright, a former United Way board member who for the past decade has been president and CEO of Abyssinian Development Corporation (ADC) in the Harlem section of New York City, will succeed Gordon Campbell in mid-November.

Regulators Seek Universal Registration, Filing Methods

October 2, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

State regulators are aiming to streamline the oft-criticized charity registration process by creating a single website where charity registration can be done and disseminated to appropriate states. And, a watchdog group is changing the way it looks at standards for for-profit fundraisers.

Health Charities Try To Keep The Competition Friendly

October 1, 2012       Todd Cohen      

As vice president for policy, planning and communications at the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson Research (FFPR), Joyce A. Oberdorf saw an opportunity to fill a gap in helping families of patients cope with the disease.

BBCON: Platform Integration A Top Proiority

October 1, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Reaffirming its commitment to a platform, Blackbaud assured clients that integration will be its top priority in the coming year after its acquisition of rival Convio.