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  • Resume Editing: Words To Remove

    By The NonProfit Times — August 22, 2012

    As an active job seeker, you’ve probably applied to more than your fair share of jobs. This means you’ve probably written more resumes than you care to count. You probably think you know everything you need to know about these documents, but do you know the proper way to go about resume editing?

    Like anything you write, editing your resume boils down to finding obvious errors that could hurt your chances of being considered for the job. But it’s not just about finding typos; the words that you think are appropriate can also cause problems. Below are four phrases that, while acceptable in the past, are now outdated and should be removed from your resume:
    • Experienced: This is an ambiguous term. It’s possible to be “experienced” in something that you’ve done for only a few days. Instead of writing you are “experienced in fundraising,” inform the reader how many prospects you have turned into reliable donors in the past.
    • Team Player: Using this word is the equivalent of writing on an online dating profile that you are nice, fun-loving, and have a great sense of humor. Anyone can label themselves with these qualities. It’s a much more difficult task to prove you have them.
    • References Available Upon Request: This is basically a space-filler. If the organization is interested in hiring you, they will ask you for references.
    • Enthusiastic: Everything in your resume should be quantifiable, and it’s pretty hard to quantify enthusiasm on a piece of paper. Wait until the job interview to show the hiring manager how enthusiastic and dynamic you are as a person.
    As you can see, the key to successful resume editing lies in eliminating unnecessary words, not adding them. Be on the look out for any of the above terms when you review your application.

  • 50-Plus Women Outpace Men In Giving

    By The NonProfit Times — August 22, 2012

    Women in the United States age 50 and older collectively control net assets of $19 trillion. They also give more of their income to charity than their male counterparts when other factors are equal.

  • States That Can’t Legislate, Regulate

    By The NonProfit Times — August 21, 2012

    Legislation in Oregon last year would have threatened tax deductibility of donations to charities that didn’t meet administrative spending thresholds for three years got a lot of attention. Other moves targeting nonprofits have been brought by governors or in some cases administratively, outside the purview of state legislatures.

  • Featured Nonprofit Job: Program Manager

    By The NonProfit Times — August 21, 2012

    Chances are that you enjoy Girl Scout cookies, whether they are Thin Mints or Samoas. But have you ever considered working for the Girl Scouts?

  • Seattle Nonprofit Undergoes Audit

    By The NonProfit Times — August 21, 2012

    SouthEast Effective Development (SEED) in Seattle is undergoing a review of its programs and goals as well as an outside audit, reviews that could determine the organization’s direction in the future.

  • Your Online Presence And The Job Search

    By The NonProfit Times — August 21, 2012

    It’s hard to find anyone without an online presence these days. Whether it’s Facebook or LinkedIn, most people have made their digital footprint. These sites are invaluable for many different aspects of our lives, one of them being the job search.

  • One State’s Rules Sparked Fundraising Lawsuit In Another

    By Mark Hrywna — August 21, 2012

    A defendant named in a lawsuit against a veterans’ charity believes the complaint against his firm is a misunderstanding by the California Attorney General and a “misreading of a single statement in state-mandated disclosures.”

  • 6 Lessons About Change In The Workplace

    By The NonProfit Times — August 20, 2012

    The nonprofit workplace is a constantly changing environment. Change can be a good thing, but many employees don’t necessarily see it that way. Those workers who are not doing a good job need to change their act quickly if they are to convince change agents that they are a necessary component of the organization. Employees who are pulling their own weight are too busy working to prove their worth.

  • 14 Tips For A Successful Major Gift Solicitation

    By The NonProfit Times — August 20, 2012

    There’s a lot to consider when soliciting prospects for major gifts. You can’t simply walk up to a donor and ask for one and expect a positive result.

  • Wanted: Executive Director

    By The NonProfit Times — August 20, 2012

    The Emergency Medical Services Regional Council (EMSRC) in Staunton, Va. is looking to hire an Executive Director to lead the organization. Interested in this position? Read on for more details.


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