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Leaders Told To Chart Mission Delivery

November 13, 2012       Paul Clolery      

Nonprofits were called upon to be the north star of change in the charitable universe and leaders should fix a point in time and space from which to chart their organizational course. The comment was made by Independent Sector President and CEO Diana Aviv during the organization’s annual conference, being held in San Francisco, Calif.

Election Done, Focus Is On Budget Cuts, Tax Deduction

November 7, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

President Barack Obama won re-election to a second, four-year term last night but he likely won’t have too much time to bask in the glory, as critical issues that impact the nonprofit sector will need to be dealt with before his inauguration in 10 weeks – if not sooner.

Stealing Back Your Major Donors

November 7, 2012       Patrick Sullivan      

There are bound to be some donors in your donor file that give major gifts to other organizations. The trick is identifying them and getting them to make major gifts to your organization. A panel during the Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation’s 2012 New York Conference showed attendees how to do just that.

Nonprofit Web: Was That Really My Hair?

November 5, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Remember when your organization’s website didn’t have a donate button, much less a focus on fundraising? Looking at early versions of your nonprofit’s website might be like browsing your old high school yearbook: “Omigosh, look at what we wore back then!? Is that my hair?!”

Sandy Fundraising Gaining Steam

November 2, 2012       Patrick Sullivan      

Let the fundraising begin — and continue.

The NPT 2012 Top 100

November 1, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

See the full list of Top 100 organizations by clicking here

Why It’s Hard to Grow

November 1, 2012       Thomas McLaughlin      

There is a notable lack of attention paid to growth in the nonprofit sector, and it’s not because we’re just starting to come out of The Great Recession. There is a larger structural reason why growth is so difficult in the nonprofit sector no matter what the economic outlook. Being able to recognize that reason is the first step in overcoming this structural locked brake.

Funding ‘Free’

November 1, 2012       Susan Ellis      

It’s a paradox. In a bad economy, more people are in need of the services provided by nonprofits just as it gets harder to raise funds for those services. People see that volunteers are important and organizations try to recruit more of them.

Mandel Center Changes Split Management From Business

November 1, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Almost three decades after being among the pioneers in nonprofit management education, The Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations is making big changes to keep up with an evolution in the sector.

Nonprofits And Fundraisers Face Unflattering Light Of Consumer Media

November 1, 2012       Patrick Sullivan      

Scrutiny by consumer media into some potential skeletons in the nonprofit sector’s closet has charity officials both capitulating and complaining. The capitulation is the handing over of potentially explosive documents. The complaining is about attorneys general and consumer media supposedly not understanding the cost to raise a dollar and the value of a donor list.