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  • Can You Be A Stay-At-Home Fundraiser?

    By The NonProfit Times — July 11, 2012

    Fundraising job would seem to be the type of position that would lend itself to telecommuting. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on the phone or making visits with donors, so being in the office all of the time isn’t always imperative.

  • Webinar: Is It Time For A New Accounting Software?

    By The NonProfit Times — July 11, 2012

    Accounting plays a big role in the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit. If you are finding your methods of this important practice are a little behind on the times, it may be time to consider a new accounting software for your organization.

  • 6 Items To Include In An Executive Summary

    By The NonProfit Times — July 11, 2012

    On its surface, the executive summary of a grant proposal sounds an awful lot like a cover letter. It’s true that they have their similarities but if you think writing a great cover letter will send you on your way to a grant, you’d be wrong.

  • 3 Cover Letter Rules

    By The NonProfit Times — July 11, 2012

    One of the things that I agonized over the most over during the job search was cover letters. If I wasn’t having a tough time figuring out a unique way to express why I was a good fit for the job, I was experiencing fatigue from writing so many of them.

  • Stand Up To Cancer To Air Third Event

    By The NonProfit Times — July 11, 2012

    The third Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C) event will air on Friday, September 7. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and filmmaker Joel Gallen will join the show as executive producers.

  • Think Partnership When It Comes To Major Gifts

    By The NonProfit Times — July 11, 2012

    Think of and treat major donors as partners, not just checkbooks. When you get to know their interests and life circumstances, you can craft your asks to maximum effect. That’s one of the tips four development executives shared about major donor acquisition, cultivation and stewardship on a panel called “Success Stories: What Works, Lessons Learned” during Fundraising Day in New York 2012.

  • Three-For-One Deal In Dayton Arts

    By Mark Hrywna — July 11, 2012

    Three of Dayton, Ohio’s premier arts organizations have decided to sing in harmony after nearly two years of managerial rehearsals.

  • 6 Ways To Improve Your Volunteer Recruitment

    By The NonProfit Times — July 10, 2012

    Nonprofits are always looking for new ways to improve their volunteer recruitment. The best way to do this, according to Susan J. Ellis, is to put yourself in the shoes of the volunteer.

    Ellis, president of Philadelphia, Pa.-based Energize, Inc., suggested visiting online registry sites to look for volunteer opportunities, putting you in the position of a volunteer looking for unpaid work. Doing this can reveal some very important information, such as:
    • What’s your local competition? (Like it or not, other organizations are doing this too.);
    • Conversely, what organizations do you know that want volunteers but are not listed online? Is this to your advantage or not?;
    • What are organizations like yours asking volunteers to do? Might such tasks be valuable to your operation, too?;
    • How flexible are the other assignments in terms of schedule, place(s) where the work has to be done, etc.?;
    • How attractive does each position sound? How much detail does each listing provide?; and,
    • Study the descriptions you’re posting or preparing to post. How do they compare? Will you be able to compete successfully?
    All of this information will help you to better form your own volunteer recruitment program so that it accurately matches what applicants want.

  • 4 Job Interview Myths

    By The NonProfit Times — July 10, 2012

    Like other aspects of looking for work, there are a lot of things said about job interviews that aren’t exactly accurate. Identifying these myths are key to making the best impression possible to the hiring manager. Let’s take a look at four of the most common misconceptions:

    • There’s a right answer to every question. Often times recruiters will ask you a tough question not to get a particular answer, but to see how well you address it. So don’t stress too much about coming up with the perfect answer.
    • Keep your answers short. Don’t think that you have to cut short your answers because of time. As long as you are hitting relevant points in your answer, the employer will be more than happy to listen to what you have to say. Just be sure to stay on topic.
    • Looks don’t matter. Recruiters will definitely take into consideration how well you are dressed for the interview. Make sure you are wearing the correct dress code when going in for an interview.
    • Talent alone will get you the job. Employers definitely want to hire the most qualified candidate for the job, but there are other factors that play a role. An organization will probably want to make sure its new employee will fit in with the rest of the group, so personality can play a role in the decision.

  • The Global Fund Tries New Method Of Solicitation

    By The NonProfit Times — July 10, 2012

    The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (GFATM) is taking a new approach to solicitations by pitching its case directly to financiers.


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