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  • The Brain Trust

    By Don McNamara — May 1, 2010

    Assemble a lineup of heavy hitters who know each other well and care passionately about the cause. Work hard to cultivate major gifts. Turn what would usually be a fundraising bash into a simple thank-you event. What Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles got from all of that was $11 million to support its Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. Brain Tumor Center in the Department of Neurosurgery at the Maxine Dunitz Neurological Institute. The powerhouse group goes by the name of The Brain Trust, six African-American women who devoted themselves to raising funds and awareness of brain tumors and neurosurgery.

  • Scouts To Appeal 18.5 Million Dollar Abuse Award

    By Mark Hrywna — April 26, 2010

    Boy Scouts of America (BSA) said the organization will appeal a ruling that could put it on the hook for almost $20 million in damages — and possibly more in the future. A jury ruled that the organization was negligent in a child abuse case dating to the 1980s in Portland, Ore.

  • Apps Make Donating Easy As Downing A Soda And Slice

    By Kate Rogers — April 15, 2010

    Sixth-graders from low-income families who attend Eberhart Elementary School on Chicago’s South Side needed Net Book computers to increase their technology skills. Donors across the country made this happen on Feb. 19, without spending a dime.

  • Healthcare Providers Waiting To See Impact Of Legislation

    By Mark Hrywna — April 15, 2010

    Some aspects of the landmark Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and how they might affect nonprofits are certain, such as a small employer tax credit and required community health assessments for hospitals. Other areas affected are less clear as nonprofit leaders keep an eye on reaction to the historic measure. Already, 14 Republican state attorneys general are challenging its constitutionality. President Barack Obama signed healthcare reform legislation into law two days after it passed the House of Representatives. It was approved by a 219-212 vote.

  • Mobile Means Flexible

    By Paul Clolery — April 15, 2010

    There are some parts of the world where you can walk up to a soft drink machine, point your mobile device at it, push a few buttons and out pops a refreshing beverage. In the U.S., you’re hard-pressed to send a charity $10 via mobile devices. That’s all changing and in a hurry. Social media on mobile devices are pushing charities and major carriers to do more. Crisises around the world need immediate responses and donors are texting in response. Yes, the thumb is an amazing digit. There’s more to mobile marketing and donor relationships than the response to crisis. During a recent NPT Executive Session, several experts talked about the implications of mobile donor engagement. The participants included: Lori C. Held, director, marketing, Trout Unlimited in Arlington, Va., Steven MacLaughlin, director, Internet solutions, Blackbaud in Charleston, S.C., Jason Wood, director of Internet services, The Salvation Army National Headquarters in Alexandria, Va., and James Young, senior product strategy manager at Convio in Austin, Texas. Moderating the panel were Paul Clolery, editorial director of The NonProfit Times and Rick Christ, vice president of online fundraising for Amergent/

  • From Adversity Comes Inspiration To Force Change

    By Kate Rogers — April 12, 2010

    Lee Woodruff knows a thing or two about optimism. Her husband, Bob Woodruff, co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, suffered severe brain injury four years ago when the vehicle he was in ran over a roadside bomb while he was reporting from Iraq. With four children to raise, Lee, an author and contributor to ABC’s Good Morning America, stood by her husband’s side as he miraculously recovered.

    The Bob Woodruff Foundation was born from the tragedy. Lee became an unlikely ambassador for injured veterans and their families. During Association of Fundraising Professionals’ (AFP) 47th annual conference keynote address last night in Baltimore, Md., Lee told her story of family survival and perseverance, and emphasized the importance of personal resonance in the charitable sector.

  • Martin Stein, 58, Remembered As Industry Leader

    By Mark Hrywna — April 1, 2010

    Rich Leary has been at RMI Direct for 18 years and is still considered to be among the “newbies” at the direct marketing firm. “There’s really low turnover, people stay here a long time; it’s really because of Martin,” he said.

  • Haiti Donations

    By Kate Rogers — April 1, 2010

    The year was 1999 and email was on the brink of becoming a mainstream fundraising tool, embraced by the masses as a way to connect and give to charity. Major charitable organizations had email lists of fewer than 5,000 addresses, as compared to now, with several organizations having email files of more than 5 million records. Today, mobile giving stands where email was 10 years ago, gaining momentum in the wake of Haiti’s earthquake. But, it’s also showing some vulnerability via a lack of response to the earthquake in Chile.

  • Three Isn’t A Crowd

    By Mark Hrywna — April 1, 2010

    Tom Hanks and Peter Scolari dressed in drag to score an apartment at the all-female Susan B. Anthony Hotel in the old television series Bosom Buddies, while the late John Ritter pretended to be gay so a California landlord would let him live with two women in the ‘70s sitcom Three’s Company. Nonprofits aren’t going that far to save money but in some cases they are moving in together to share the rent, so to speak.

  • Commitment To Standards, Mission, Clients, And Fun

    By Kate Rogers — April 1, 2010

    At Baptist Easley Hospital in Easley, S.C., CEO Roddey Gettys doesn’t see his 940 staffers as “employees.” To Gettys, they are heroes. “If you are satisfied, and well cared for as a patient, what do you call the person who helped you, the person who made your day, and made you better?,” he asked rhetorically. “Are they just healthcare workers? No, definitely not. They are heroes.”


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