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  • Ring In 2013 With The New Issue Of NPT

    By The NonProfit Times — December 31, 2012

    Just in time for 2013, NPT Publishing Group has a New Year’s gift for all of our readers: The new issue of The NonProfit Times. The Jan. 1 covers pressing issues impacting the nonprofit sector, including the impact of current hot topics such as Superstorm Sandy and the “fiscal cliff.”

  • Grants: Guarding Against Application Fraud

    By Barbara Floersh — December 31, 2012

    Given the stiff competition for grant funding and the amount of money at stake, the field of grant proposal writing is unfortunately fertile ground for fraud. When someone blows the whistle and the law suit flies, the person who wrote the grant proposal is in the line of fire. And, the organization that submitted the proposal — the applicant organization, is likewise in hot water.

  • It’s A Cliff-hanger

    By Paul Clolery — December 31, 2012

    The lack of an agreement regarding taxes and the federal budget has the nation hours away from fiscal carnage so potentially devastating it will make a Herschell Gordon Lewis splatter film look like “Driving Miss Daisy.”

  • Young Volunteers

    By Susan Ellis — December 31, 2012

    The television news show "60 Minutes" aired a feature story this past November on “Children Helping Children.” It centered on Craig Kielburger, who at age 12 took action against child labor and exploitation in Pakistan, eventually recruiting his friends to the cause and founding Free the Children. Some 17 years later it is an international charity with more than 1.7 million youth involved in education and development programs in 45 countries.

  • General Ramblings: It’s Simple Math

    By Paul Clolery — December 31, 2012

    As the debate and acrimony in Washington, D.C. continues regarding the absurd notion that the federal charitable deduction plays an important role in the nation’s “fiscal cliff,” voices were raised in New York City. The voices were of hope and charity.

  • Camp Fire Stokes New Image And Council Revamping

    By Mark Hrywna — December 31, 2012

    A mission statement doesn’t mean much to a teenager. That’s why Camp Fire USA ditched it. Well, not entirely. They call it a promise instead of a mission statement.

  • Featured Nonprofit Job — New Year’s Eve Edition

    By The NonProfit Times — December 31, 2012

    We hope that everybody enjoyed the Holidays last week, and that it provided a much needed break from the stress of the job search. It’s likely that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get work and, with 2013 coming in less than 24 hours, you have one last chance to add a job possibility to your list. Luckily for you, a new featured nonprofit job was recently added to the Nonprofit Job Seeker.

    Interested? Read on for more details.
    The Darrell Gwynn Foundation in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl., is looking to hire an Executive Director to help advance its mission: Providing support for people with paralysis and preventing spinal cord injuries. The chosen candidate will serve as a liaison to partners, sponsors, funders and other constituents, with special attention given to:
    • Advancing the mission through enhanced and new program offerings;
    • Elevating the visibility of the Darrell Gwynn Foundation;
    • Identifying, securing and stewarding major sponsors, underwriters, donors and other potential funders;
    • Creating strong partnerships while continuing to build momentum with current partners; and,
    • Supervising staff while serving as an Ex Officio member to the board.

    The ideal candidate for the Executive Director position will have a minimum of eight years of demonstrated experience in the nonprofit sector and/or public administration. Other requirements include:

  • Insurance Undertow For Flood Car Donations

    By Patrick Sullivan — December 31, 2012

    The National Automobile Dealers Association in McLean, Va., estimated that as many as 250,000 cars were damaged or destroyed during super storm Sandy. But, the phones aren’t ringing much at 1-800 Charity Cars or at the National Kidney Foundation.

  • Hospital Wraps Employee Giving In A Gift Box

    By Mark Hrywna — December 31, 2012

    He’s always getting invited to visit various departments within Emory Health­care, sometimes just because he’s mistaken for SpongeBob Square­pants. He can be found riding the employee shuttle on occasion because his head doesn’t fit into a car. That can happen when your head is a gift box.

  • NRA Unveils Plan For School Safety – Armed Guards

    By Paul Clolery — December 21, 2012

    The National Rifle Association (NRA) called out the federal government for not having a national database of the mentally ill and blamed an alleged decline in prosecution of gun crimes for being at the root at senseless gun violence in the United States. He offered the nation “properly trained armed good guys.”


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