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Online Giving Up, But Overall Giving Declines

October 2, 2017       Andy Segedin      

Fundraising can sometime be an enigma wrapped in a riddle and folded into a question, as any fundraiser might attest. Recent overall and online-giving trends illustrate that unpredictability as overall giving for the three months ending in August was down 0.8 percent as compared to the same three-month period of 2016, according to the latest Blackbaud Index. Online giving, conversely, went up by 9.8 percent when the two periods are compared.

Tax Plan Doubles Standard Deduction, Leaves Charitable Deduction In Place

September 27, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

Nonprofit leaders applauded the preservation of the charitable deduction but are wary of other changes that might hurt charitable giving, such as doubling the standard deduction and repealing the estate tax, under a framework for tax reform presented by Republican leaders.

March Of Dimes Grappling As 80th Birthday Approaches

September 27, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

Ask anyone older than age 70 why former President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s image adorns the dime and you’ll probably get a correct answer promptly. If your audience is younger than 40, maybe not.

Personify Acquires Membership Software Firm Wild Apricot

September 26, 2017       Paul Clolery      

Association and membership technology firm Personify has announced the acquisition of Wild Apricot, a membership management software provider, to further concentrate on constituent-focused organizations.

Name-Dropping: Donors Get Tired. Models Do, Too

September 26, 2017       Richard H. Levey      

Marketers know their house files — even their lapsed donor files — are among the most valuable sources of names for their campaigns. Karen Gleason, senior director at the American Diabetes Association (ADA), always banked on this knowledge. So when success rates for the organization’s reactivation campaigns began to stagnate, she assumed the cause was a factor other than the list.

North Texas Raises Record $39.4 Million

September 21, 2017       NPT Staff      

Philanthropy in Texas is showing little sign of stopping after $39.4 million was raised from over 137,000 gifts during the 18-hour North Texas Giving Day on Sept. 14. Hosted by the Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) in Dallas and powered by Austin-based  Kimbia, the giving day’s sum was a record for the nine-year-old event and drew $2 million more than 2016 while increasing participating nonprofits by 15 percent. It marks the giving day’s sixth consecutive year of year-over-year increased giving.

Millennials Mobilizing Post-Election

September 19, 2017       Andy Segedin      

Millennials, defined as those born between 1980 and 2000, are dissatisfied with the country’s overall direction and are seeking out means of engaging in the aftermath of last year’s election. A recent survey of 3,000 Millennials showed that 39 percent believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction, while 29 percent feel otherwise and 32 percent believe that it is too early to tell. With regard to President Donald Trump, specifically, 49 percent of respondents indicated that they were dissatisfied with the president or extremely dissatisfied, while 27 percent indicated that they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with his performance.

EU Clamping Down On Data Use For Marketing

September 19, 2017       Andy Segedin      

Picture your marketing file, those thousands — maybe even millions — of names and related information. Think about where that information came from. Was it expressly provided by individuals for the purpose of being solicited? Did privacy policies disclose how and for how long information would be used and maintained? How would that file look if your organization took an opt-in, as opposed to opt-out, approach?

4 Organizations Team On Mapping Tool For U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

September 19, 2017       NPT Staff      

In a collaborative partnership, Global Impact, Blackbaud, the Council on Foundations and the Foundation Center have developed and launched a resource to support organizations in aligning and tracking charitable giving to the United Nations (U.N.) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Warm Up Potential Major Donors Via Digital

September 19, 2017       Andy Segedin      

Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of philanthropic giving comes from individuals and donor pyramids continue to grow steeper to the point that, today, as much as 95 percent of dollars into organizations via individual giving are given by 5 percent of supporters. Even if you aren’t a math expert, it’s clear that keeping supporters engaged is as important as ever.