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  • Federal Budget, Legislation Aim At Charities

    By Mark Hrywna — February 5, 2015

    Charitable giving incentives that the nonprofit community had pushed to make permanent last year were reintroduced in the new Congressional session and part of a group of bills marked up yesterday by the House Ways and Means Committee.

  • NPT Lunch Truck: Audio Interviews With Nonprofit Leaders

    By The NonProfit Times — February 4, 2015

    NPT Lunch Truck is a a 15-minute audio interview on a hot issue of the day while you munch on that chicken salad sandwich with the crust cut off. The newsmaker will be interviewed by a member of the editorial staff of The NonProfit Times.

  • $19 Million Loss Slams Doors on NY Agency

    By Mark Hrywna — February 3, 2015

    A $220-million social services organization in New York City will abruptly shut down as a result of a $19.4-million shortfall last year.

  • Lower Gas Prices Fueling Boost In Services

    By The NonProfit Times — February 3, 2015

    Every year Easy Lift Transportation’s 28 vehicles collectively travel more than 840,000 miles, the equivalent of about 300 trips from New York City to Los Angeles. The organization spent some $300,000 last year on gasoline. This year, that bill will be cut by roughly $40,000.

  • American Bible Society Moving With $300 Million In The Bank

    By Mark Hrywna — February 3, 2015

    After almost two centuries in New York City, the American Bible Society (ABS) has sold its headquarters for $300 million and plans to move to Philadelphia this summer.

  • Test Shows Reaction Of 6,225 Donors

    By The NonProfit Times — February 3, 2015

    Fundraisers know the value of thanking donors for their gifts. The pressures of time and lack of certainty about results can crimp efforts to express appreciation.

  • Study: Giving Showed 2.1% Hike For 2014

    By The NonProfit Times — February 2, 2015

    Unless you were fundraising for healthcare (without an ice bucket) or for international affairs, the likelihood is you had a decent 2014. Eight of the 10 sectors of nonprofits tracked in the new “The Charitable Giving Report” by Blackbaud showed positive revenue trends.

  • The CEO Successor Pinch

    By Thomas McLaughlin — February 2, 2015

    Many nonprofits in the United States are in or are about to be in a CEO successor pinch. This pinch is structural, has multiple causes, and will affect the nonprofit sector in multiple ways for the next several years.

  • Spy Vs. Spy: Large, Small Mailers Watching Each Other

    By Richard H. Levey — February 2, 2015

    Legendary adman David Ogilvy three decades ago called direct mail “my first love and secret weapon.” The secret’s been out for some time, but as one might predict, large nonprofit mailers have tricks to share with smaller fundraisers. The big surprise is that smaller nonprofits use tactics larger fundraisers might overlook.

  • Cutting Staff Doesn’t Immediately Equate To Cost Savings

    By Mark Hrywna — February 2, 2015

    Layoffs typically come about when nonprofit managers aim to cut costs and expenses. Sometimes they’re called reorganizations, as leaders try to re-imagine their structures and organizational charts.


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