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$1 Million-Plus Gifts Reportedly Tripled

November 29, 2016       Mark Hrywna      

At least 2,197 gifts of $1 million or more, totaling $56 billion, were made last year across the United States, the United Kingdom and the Middle East (GCC), marking a significant increase in both the number and total value of gifts compared to the previous year.

#GivingTuesday Launches With Great Expectations

November 29, 2016       Paul Clolery      

It’s here. #GivingTuesday, the charitable sector’s international day of enlisting supporters to give and finding new recruits is off and running with some estimates suggesting the haul will double last year’s roughly $117 million.

Internet Outage Damages Fundraising Campaign

November 28, 2016       Mark Hrywna      

A cyber attack that impacted large swaths of the United States with an Internet outage last month was ill-timed for at least one nonprofit that had its annual campaign.

Federal Judge Blocks New Overtime Rules

November 23, 2016       Andy Segedin      

A federal judge in Texas granted a preliminary injunction blocking implementation of the U.S. Department of Labor’s new overtime rules affecting exempt and non-exempt employees just a week before they were set to be instituted.

Trump Foundation Admits ‘Self-Dealing’

November 23, 2016       Mark Hrywna      

The Donald J. Trump Foundation admitted to breaking “self-dealing” rules regarding private foundations in a federal tax filings made available publicly on Monday.

Orlando Conference Focused on Support Systems

November 23, 2016       Andy Segedin      

Mental-health professionals, musicians and poets gathered in Orlando, Fla., to discuss mental-health needs, counseling and ways individuals from all walks of life can help themselves and their communities. The recent supporter conference was hosted by To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA), an organization focused on assisting those battling depression, addiction, self-injury and thoughts of suicide. The event took place just a month after the deadly Pulse nightclub shooting that killed or injured more than 100 people in the city.

Fundraising Package Affinity

November 23, 2016       Stephanie Ceruolo      

Donors really don’t like change that much

Big Boost For CFC Fundraising

November 23, 2016       Mark Hrywna      

The Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) continues to run about 17 percent ahead of last year’s pace. The 2016 campaign has reached $17.6 million in pledges through Nov. 22, more than one-third of the way toward its goal of $47 million.

Former CFF Employee To Be Sentenced In Wire Fraud Case

November 22, 2016       Mark Hrywna      

A former employee of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) faces up to 20 years in prison when he is sentenced next month for wire fraud in connection with a 2014 murder-suicide.

Social Services, Social Change Must Be Marketed

November 22, 2016       Andy Segedin      

Some 86 million Americans are pre-diabetic, yet just 20,000 individuals enrolled in a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) last year, according to Taz Hussein, a partner at Bridgespan’s Boston office. DPP has about all one could want from a health initiative, Hussein said, it was built off of years of National Institutes of Health research and was applied to a deliverable, community service with the help of the YMCA. But, clients still weren’t biting.