IRS Dumps Schedule B For Associations, Others NPOs

July 17, 2018       Mark Hrywna      

Associations, labor unions, and social welfare organizations – those that don’t primarily receive tax-deductible contributions — will be among the organizations that will no longer have to file Schedule B, disclosing names and addresses of major donors to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The revised reporting requirements will take effect for the year ending December 2018, with returns generally filed May 15, 2019.

CASE Announces Work On Global Benchmarking Tool

July 16, 2018       Andy Segedin      

Leaders at the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) announced work on a new global data resource during the council’s summit in New York City on Sunday. The announcement marks the beginning a multi-year project to provide CASE’s 3,700 member institutions with global advancement-related metrics, benchmarking, and analytics to help support strategic decision making.

Senators Seek Federal Data On Giving

July 16, 2018       Mark Hrywna      

Two key U.S. senators have requested that the Trump administration provide data on charitable deductions so far in 2018, amid concerns that tax reform could drive down charitable giving this year.

CEOs Learning How To Build Better Teams

July 16, 2018       Mark Hrywna      

When Tere Pettitt moved from chief operating officer (COO) to chief executive officer (CEO) at Volunteers of America Greater New York, she still worked with same group of about a dozen people on the senior team. But it wasn’t until she had a view from the CEO’s desk that she realized they were somewhat dysfunctional and worked in silos.

Center for the Digital Nonprofit Gets New Founding Partner

July 11, 2018       Paul Clolery      

Blackbaud today became the third founding partner of The Center for the Digital Nonprofit (CDN), a project of NetHope. The firm joins technology firms Microsoft and Okta which had previously signed on. Each company has committed to partner with NetHope and The Center for the Digital Nonprofit to apply expertise, resources and networks to advance innovation and collaboration that support The Center’s strategic objectives.

Progressives Gear Up For SCOTUS Nominee Fight

July 10, 2018       Andy Segedin      

Civil rights and progressive groups are gearing up to fight President Donald Trump’s pick to fill an impending vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, fearing the potential impact on access to family planning and healthcare and anti-discrimination efforts.

N.Y. Museum Hits Attendance Record, Passing 7 Million

July 9, 2018       Mark Hrywna      

More than 7.35 million visitors went through the doors at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City last year, setting another attendance record, despite a new admission fee instituted in March.

Endowments Not Meeting Needed Returns

July 6, 2018       Andy Segedin      

If you were  gifted $100, invested it, and then ended up with $106 the following year, many might see that as a win. Dollars were, in relatively short order, turned into more dollars. There are $6 that weren’t there before.

Nonprofits Divided On Future Of SCOTUS

June 29, 2018       Andy Segedin      


Carson Officially Out At Silicon Valley Community Foundation

June 27, 2018       Paul Clolery      

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