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  • Charity Defense Council Plans $1 Million March

    By Zach Halper — August 18, 2014

    How much is 60 miles worth? For the Charity Defense Council (CDC), the hope is that a 60-mile march from Maine to Massachusetts translates to $1 million to fund the anti-regulation organization’s operating budget.

  • 5 Specific Risks To Special Events

    By Dan Luttrell — August 18, 2014

    Almost all nonprofits have special events. They raise awareness about vital causes and raise funds to cover some of the costs of service delivery. They can be as simple as a small open house or as large as a major sporting event.

  • A Cool, Make That Cold, $2.4 Million For ALS

    By Mark Hrywna — August 13, 2014

    The Ice Bucket Challenge is heating up the doldrums of summer fundraising for the ALS Association, which has raked in some $4 million in donations this month on a wave of news coverage and social media. ALS, which stands for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, may be more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

  • Branding Won’t Stifle City Harvest’s Creativity

    By The NonProfit Times — August 12, 2014

    At City Harvest in New York City, “Brand is sacred,” said Vice President of Marketing Heather Wallace. “A strong brand is the foundation for everything at City Harvest. It creates legitimacy.”

  • The Cost When A Plus B Does Not Lead To C

    By The NonProfit Times — August 11, 2014

    A/B testing is not just a best practice. It’s a culture, said Jim Pugh, CEO of ShareProgress, based in San Francisco. “It’s a commitment of running your program in a different way, measuring the effectiveness of your choices, making decisions using data,” he said.

  • Bring Your Fundraising Into Better Focus

    By The NonProfit Times — August 7, 2014

    How would you rate your nonprofit’s fundraising levels? If you answered anything other than “great” or “good,” it’s time to re-evaluate the way you go about things. That’s where StratusLive can help.

  • Study: Millennials More Generous With Donor-Advised Funds

    By Zach Halper — August 7, 2014

    Millennial donors on average recommend higher grant dollars to charities via donor-advised funds (DAF) than their older counterparts but are also unsure about how to go about giving, according to a new study by Vanguard Charitable.

  • 8 Cash Bonuses For Employees

    By The NonProfit Times — August 6, 2014

    You’d be hard-pressed to find a single person who would turn down extra spending money — even if that person already received a hefty salary. The fact of the matter is, giving your employees a small bonus every so often does wonders for morale.

  • Donors And Gym Rats Have Plenty In Common

    By Patrick Sullivan — August 5, 2014

    Gyms and monthly sustainer programs have plenty in common. Gym members are monthly givers, and a gym membership is a monthly contribution. Long-term value needs little explanation.

  • Hackathon To Benefit Atlanta Nonprofits

    By The NonProfit Times — August 4, 2014

    A month-long hackathon will benefit three Atlanta-based nonprofits, the Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) announced today. Teams of coders, developers and engineers will compete to provide mobile solutions for the American Cancer Society, Boys and Girls Club of America, and Points of Light HandsOn Network. The winning team will receive $30,000 in cash and prizes.


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