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Goodwill Gives Back $43K

By The NonProfit Times - February 7, 2014

Tyler Gedelian, the manager of a Monroe, Mich. Goodwill store, was sorting through some recent donations of old suits and a terry-cloth robe when he came across some blue envelopes. He thought they were just trash at first.

It’s a good thing he checked before tossing them. In those envelopes were stacks of $100 bills, totaling more than $43,000,

Gedelian normally might find a quarter of even a dollar but usually just old tissues or a grocery list, he told the Detroit News. He immediately called police, hopeful that the money could be returned to its proper owner as soon as possible.

Some bills dated to the 1930s and among the envelopes was a wallet that included information that helped police find the owner, according to the report. It turns out a person was cleaning out an elderly relative’s closet and took the clothes to Goodwill without examining the pockets but did not want to be identified.


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