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Top 10 Towns

September 17, 2012       Don McNamara      

Austin, Texas is hot – and it’s not just the mercury in the thermometers outside that in the summer routinely dance with 100-degrees. The city and surrounding suburbs are teeming with technology jobs and people there are pulling down good salaries.

The YWCA USA Reorganizes Starting With A New CEO, Plan

September 17, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

The YWCA USA will usher in a new era by the end of the year, not only with its first permanent CEO in more than two years, but also a new governance structure for the 250-affiliate organization for women.

Blackbaud Folding Convio’s Common Ground Product

September 17, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Nearly four months after its acquisition of Convio, Black­baud announced both that it would discontinue Convio’s Common Ground and a restructuring that eliminates 51 positions. In what was described as an unrelated development, the company also announced that former Convio CEO Gene Austin will be leaving.

The Social Media Myth

September 17, 2012       Herschell Gordon Lewis      

Remember Simon called Peter? Remember Glen or Glenda? Remember “Call me Ishmael” or, for that matter, “Call me Pisher?” Remember Cassius Clay and Muhammad Ali? Remember Allen Stewart Konigsberg and Woody Allen? How about Caryn Johnson and Whoopi Goldberg? Or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and Lady Gaga?

Time Vs. Money

September 17, 2012       Patrick Sullivan      

Members of corporate volunteer councils (CVCs), groups of businesses that come together to discuss and share best practices on employee volunteer programs, need to have a shared vision and open lines of communication between the various entities or risk ineffectuality, according to members of HandsOn Network’s Corporate Volunteer Council Advisory Council (CVCAC).

Mergers Keep Doors Open, Refocuses Management

September 4, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Chuck Gehring has overseen four nonprofit mergers in his years as president and CEO of LifeCare Alliance in Columbus, Ohio. “It’s important in this economy, in our field, if you don’t try to do something extra, you’re going to be out of business,” he said. “Your traditional revenue sources – United Way, government — are eroding. If you’re going to just keep laying off you’re not able to do anything.”

Musical Chairs At Komen, Brinker Stays And Goes

September 4, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

A media firestorm regarding pink powerhouse Susan G. Komen for the Cure defunding of Planned Parenthood, and its eventual reversal, started this past February and put the organization in the spotlight for reasons unrelated to its usual marketing prowess.

General Ramblings: Stage One Is Denial

September 4, 2012       Paul Clolery      

Richard Nixon. Lt. Commander Philip Francis Queeg. Nancy Brinker. What do these three have in common?

With Election Around The Corner, Charities Must Tread Carefully

September 4, 2012       Janice Ryan      

The presidential election is less than 100 days away. Federal tax law strictly prohibits 501(c)(3) organizations from engaging in activities to support or oppose candidates for public office. However, there are still a number of ways that 501(c)(3)s can be involved in the political process without running afoul of the law.

Time, Task And Turf

September 4, 2012       Thomas McLaughlin      

“Where you stand is where you sit.”