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Keeping Score With Capital Campaigns

May 15, 2013       Mark Hrywna      

Not many people like being recorded on video — or even audio for that matter. That notion didn’t stop the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra (NJSO). In the midst of a $32-million capital campaign, the Newark, N.J., organization recorded their front-line fundraisers doing an elevator speech or mock scenarios making a gift ask. Then they were analyzed and critiqued in how they did, including a review by the CEO.

Bid Increase Creates Opportunity For Google Grants Users

May 3, 2013       Zach Halper      

The nonprofit version of Google’s popular AdWords program, which allows advertisers to promote their services through targeted ads, has increased the amount organizations can bid on keywords, allowing organizations to place more competitive bids.

Scouts’ Survey Shows Members Split About Stand On Gays

May 1, 2013       Mark Hrywna and Patrick Sullivan      

Roughly half of the 280 local Boy Scout councils in the United States recommend no change in the organization’s membership policy banning openly gay members and Scout leaders. Survey results, however, show less support today from parents for the policy than three years ago, in addition to a majority of major funders that do not support the current policy.

Events Planning Gets Second Look After Boston Attack

May 1, 2013       Paul Clolery, Mark Hrywna, and Patrick Sullivan      

The day after the terror attack at the Boston Marathon organizers of the London Marathon said the race would go on as planned. It was run on April 21, less than a week after the bombing that killed at least three people and wounded nearly 200.

NPT Survey: CFOs Get Comfortable With Thinner Margins

May 1, 2013       Paul Clolery      

Chief financial officers at nonprofits appear to be feeling a lot like the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz, pointing in both directions when asked a series of questions. Many describe their organizations’ overall financial health as good, yet have reserves of six months or less.

Nonprofit Mailer, USPS Settle Workshare Complaint

April 5, 2013       Patrick Sullivan      

The Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers (ANM) has settled a dispute with the United States Postal Service regarding rules for worksharing discounts. The Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC) accepted the agreement.

Charities Push Senate On Restoring Deduction

April 1, 2013       Mark Hrywna      

Some of the nation’s most prominent charities and advocacy groups are asking the U.S. Senate Budget Committee to reconsider changes to the itemized deduction for charitable giving for fear that it would reduce giving by billions of dollars each year.

Americans Took More Deductions In 2011, Hitting $160 Billion

April 1, 2013       Mark Hrywna      

Americans took a collective $160.33 billion in tax deductions for charitable contributions in 2011, an increase of 1.4 percent compared to the $158.18 billion in 2010. The number of tax returns filed that included charitable deductions declined by 0.8 percent, from 38.1 million to 37.9 million.

Fundraising Via Mobile Apps Can Still Be A Challenge

April 1, 2013       Elizabeth Pope      

There’s an app for almost everything, even in fundraising. With mobile devices reaching near-ubiquity, donors want to use their smartphones or tablets to give to their favorite charities. Some nonprofits are optimizing their websites to make it easier for mobile users to donate, others are experimenting with text-to-give programs.

University’s Postcard ‘Bombing’ Actually A Good Thing

March 15, 2013       Patrick Sullivan      

If you followed the 2012 presidential primaries, you might have heard of candidate Ron Paul’s 24-hour fundraising initiatives known as Money Bombs. Well, so did staff in the Advancement and External Affairs department of Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, N.J.