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Volunteer Week Is When?

April 9, 2012       Patrick Sullivan      

President Barack Obama knows volunteering is important, but apparently the subject is not quite important enough for the staff to fact-check. In a proclamation issued today, the White House erroneously announced April 8 through April 14 as National Volunteer Week (NVW).

Mortenson To Pay $1 Million In Restitution To Charity

April 5, 2012       Patrick Sullivan      

A yearlong investigation by the office of Montana Attorney General Steve Bullock into author and mountaineer Greg Mortenson’s charity, Central Asia Institute (CAI), found that both Mortenson and CAI’s board had been negligent in their management of the nonprofit. As a result of a settlement between Mortenson, CAI and the office of the attorney general, Mortenson must pay CAI back at least $1 million for personal expenditures such as charter flights and clothing. Bullock distributed his office’s investigative report in a press conference today.

Advocacy Email Response Rates Jump 28%

April 5, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Email response rates, particularly for advocacy emails, were up last year, according a study released today (April 5). Advocacy emails were up 28 percent, but even overall, response rates for email were up 2 percent among 44 nonprofits surveyed in the 2012 eNonprofit Benchmarks Study, by M+R Strategic Services and the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN).

New CEO At Feed The Children

April 4, 2012       Paul Clolery      

After nearly three years of turmoil, Feed The Children in Oklahoma City, Okla., has selected a new president and CEO.

Reserves On Hand

April 3, 2012       Thomas McLaughlin      

“Have six months of cash on hand at all times” is one of the recommendations most often invoked by well-meaning observers. It’s the holy grail of financial comfort for many nonprofit managers, the metric that brings color back to board members’ white knuckles, the feel-good threshold for restful nights.

Credit Card Scams Targeting College Online Donations

April 2, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

From California to Pennsylvania, from Wisconsin to Washington, colleges around the country were getting large online donations that turned out to be nothing more than credit card scams.

General Ramblings: Failing Grade

April 2, 2012       Paul Clolery      

It was announced with some fanfare recently that the nation’s high school graduation rate improved 3.5 percent from 2001 through 2009 and that 75.5 percent of high school kids graduated in 2009.

50 Best Nonprofits To Work For In 2012

April 2, 2012       Don McNamara      

Darlene Kiyan, executive director of Playworks Los Angeles, believes she knows what doesn’t attract would-be employees.

Senate Confirms New CNCS Executive

March 30, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Ending several years of turnover at the Corporation for National and Community (CNCS), the U.S. Senate yesterday confirmed Wendy Spencer as the agency’s next chief executive officer. She is scheduled to begin her new position on April 9.

Komen Cancels Its Annual Lobby Day

March 28, 2012       Mark Hrywna      

Susan G. Komen for the Cure has canceled its annual Lobby Day this spring while it searches for a new vice president of public policy.