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  • Post Office Files For Extra 5.6% Rate Hike

    By Mark Hrywna — November 8, 2011

    Just days after announcing postal rates would go up an average 2.1 percent, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is asking for 5.6 percent more, or roughly 7.7 percent as of January 22, 2012.

  • Few Officials Talking As Sex Scandal Hits Penn State, Charity

    By Mark Hrywna — November 8, 2011

    Barely two days after two university officials took a leave in the wake of a child sex scandal, it remains to be seen how long legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno or the university’s president will remain in Happy Valley.

  • Multi-site Nonprofits

    By Atul Tandon — November 7, 2011

    “Herding cats” is defined by Wikipedia as “… an attempt to control or organize a class of entities which are uncontrollable or chaotic.” Welcome to the challenge — and opportunity — of maximizing the strength and impact of networks for multi-site nonprofits.

  • Report Makes Suggestions For Increasing Donations

    By Samuel Fanburg — November 4, 2011

    Enhancing retention, building supporter loyalty and leveraging companies to promote philanthropy were among almost three dozen recommendations from a panel tasked with suggesting how to increase giving from individual donors.

  • Postal Bill Would Save 6-Day Delivery, Nonprofit Rates

    By Mark Hrywna — November 2, 2011

    Another postal reform bill could have an easier passage than other attempts this year thanks to bipartisan support from members of a key Senate committee.

  • Crop Circles & Sleeping Late

    By Mark Hrywna — November 1, 2011

    For most fundraisers, it wouldn’t help much if they told their donors to get lost. It has become a windfall for the Life Adventure Center (LAC) of the Bluegrass in Versailles, Ky.

  • General Ramblings: Gathering And Loitering

    By Paul Clolery — November 1, 2011

    I’ve been to a lot of protests in my day, supporting this or being against that. I just don’t get the end game for the Occupy Wall Street contingent.

  • Workplace Still Is Productive

    By Michele Donohue — November 1, 2011

    Jobs – the only word that seems to be on Americans’ minds. The U.S. unemployment rate was 9.1 percent for August and September, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, compared to 9.6 percent for 2010. As the Dow Jones fell 12 percent during the third quarter of this year, some financial analysts are not ruling out a double-dip recession. With the unemployed looking for work and the employed trying to hold on to the jobs they have, running a successful workplace giving campaign is a tough sell but it’s happening.

  • Rural Nonprofits Lag On Revenue, Access

    By Samuel Fanburg — November 1, 2011

    Even though 22 percent of the nation’s poor live in rural areas, those areas account for only 8 percent of the total spent by nonprofit organizations. And with such poverty issues, only 10.4 percent of nonprofits in rural areas are dedicated to human services.

  • Ongoing Training

    By Susan Ellis — November 1, 2011

    Solid initial training and informative continuing education sessions for volunteers boost recruitment, maintain enthusiasm, and increase retention. But skill development for volunteers is usually separated from training provided to employees.


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