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Fundraising Via Mobile Apps Can Still Be A Challenge

April 1, 2013       Elizabeth Pope      

There’s an app for almost everything, even in fundraising. With mobile devices reaching near-ubiquity, donors want to use their smartphones or tablets to give to their favorite charities. Some nonprofits are optimizing their websites to make it easier for mobile users to donate, others are experimenting with text-to-give programs.

University’s Postcard ‘Bombing’ Actually A Good Thing

March 15, 2013       Patrick Sullivan      

If you followed the 2012 presidential primaries, you might have heard of candidate Ron Paul’s 24-hour fundraising initiatives known as Money Bombs. Well, so did staff in the Advancement and External Affairs department of Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, N.J.

Chefs Chop Away At Hunger

March 15, 2013       Patrick Sullivan and Zach Halper      

Voters in the presidential election decided Barack Obama would run the United States for another four years. But that same night on the Food Network, another decision was under consideration: Which chef who works for a nonprofit made the best use of cauliflower and cola in their venison entrée?

CEO Turnover Continue At Some Komen Chapters

March 15, 2013       Mark Hrywna      

Two fundraising veterans have been tapped to lead a pair of the largest Susan G. Komen for the Cure affiliates in the nation. The Greater New York City affiliate and Chicagoland affiliates announced the appointments of new chief executives. Four smaller affiliates also hired new executives during the past two months.

SXSW: CEO’s Passion for Accessibility Shines Through

March 13, 2013       Beth Carpenter      

As Bre Pettis took the stage for the first keynote of SXSW 2013, two things stood out.

SXSW: Embracing Social Media Failure, Innovation

March 12, 2013       Amy Sample Ward      

SXSW Interactive in Austin, Texas this week is, inevitably, packed with people launching new applications, cool mobile tools, and big brand campaigns. With thousands of people all in one place, it can actually be difficult to find your peers.

SXSW: Tips for Nonprofit News Groups

March 12, 2013       Amy Sample Ward      

As for-profit news organizations struggle to maintain previous levels of reporting, nonprofit news gathers are proliferating to fill the gap in coverage. “These new nonprofit media outlets are experiencing the same problems that longtime nonprofit publications such as The Texas Observer have been tackling for years,” said Cherilyn Parsons, director of development and strategic initiatives at the Center for Investigative Reporting.

SXSW: New York City’s Data Hacking for Good

March 12, 2013       Amy Sample Ward      

More and more city governments are working to share data and engage citizens in creating information systems and solutions that support engagement, access to resources, and much more. At SXSW Interactive, Rachel Haot, Chief Digital Officer for the City of New York, shared an update about the city’s attempts to open up data and collaborate with developers and the public.

Nonprofits Tracking Federal Sequestration Impact

March 7, 2013       Mark Hrywna      

Now that sequestration is here, two nonprofits are keeping tabs on exactly how charities will be affected by the billion-dollar cuts in federal spending.

It’s Here. The Sequester Has Kicked In

March 7, 2013       Patrick Sullivan      

While Congress bickered and ultimately did nothing between January and March, nonprofits worked to educate their constituents on the potentially apocalyptic effects of the automatic spending cuts known as the sequester. They urged supporters to contact their legislators and demand they stop the cuts.