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  • Making Fundraising Truly Mobile

    By The NonProfit Times — June 15, 2012

    Just about every organization has social media as part of the engagement process and many use mobile giving to raise funds. Together, the two barely register in the giving scale, unless there is a natural disaster.

  • Database Archeology

    By Michele Donohue — June 15, 2012

    Every nonprofit already has a mountain of data. The donor database often leads to an organization’s own high-potential names and undiscovered planned giving donors. The database is much more than simply an organizational LinkedIn.

  • Challenged Or Driven

    By John Davidoff — June 15, 2012

    Jane Addams Hull House in Chicago, Ill., recently shut its doors after 122 years. It’s not alone in its struggles. For more than a century another nonprofit in that city has worked to combat racism and poverty, using a platform of publishing and community organizing.

  • Who Needs Words?

    By The NonProfit Times — June 15, 2012

    Whomever best describes the problem is the one most likely to solve it, and whomever draws the best picture gets the funding. That’s the way serial doodler Dan Roam sees it.

  • Books Without Illumination

    By Patrick Sullivan — June 15, 2012

    An eight-year-old boy sprints to the mailbox on a Saturday morning. Waiting is a small package, addressed not to his mother or father but to him, from an organization called PJ Library in West Springfield, Mass. He rips it open and finds a book. He feels its weight, runs his fingers along the pages, flops on the couch and begins reading.

  • Telecommuting Employees

    By Jeff Tenenbaum — June 14, 2012

    As technology for the home office improves, more nonprofits and employees are taking advantage of the benefits of telecommuting.

  • Washington Nonprofit Health Insurers Reach Record Surpluses

    By The NonProfit Times — June 14, 2012

    Two nonprofit health insurers in Washington State have accumulated record surpluses of more than $1 billion, causing the state’s insurance commissioner to sound the alarm.

  • Boy Scouts Board Member Wants End To Gay Ban

    By The NonProfit Times — June 14, 2012

    The chairman and CEO of Ernst & Young and a board member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has become the latest voice to speak out against the organization’s ban on gay members.

  • 10 Things To Ask Your Banker Right Now

    By Michele Donohue — June 13, 2012

    The bandit Willie Sutton was famous for saying he robbed banks because that’s where the money was kept. Nonprofits probably don’t need the firepower Sutton was packing. That doesn’t mean getting the cash is going to be as easy.

  • Bankrupt But Endowed

    By Patrick Sullivan — June 12, 2012

    Crystal Cathedral Ministries, the megachurch started by Robert Schuller in Garden City, Calif., filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2010. A lawsuit filed late last year by creditors against the ministry’s founding members — the Schuller family — alleges that directors used more than $10 million from the ministry’s restricted endowment for operating expenses and staff salaries. Donors can restrict how en­dowment funds are spent and those restrictions are all but inviolable. Ignoring those restrictions and spending more of an endowment than the donor permits has a suitably piratical name: It’s “invading” the endowment.


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