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  • Ultra High Net Worth-Backed Foundations Distributed 8 Percent of Assets Last Year

    By Mark Hrywna — July 29, 2015

    Private foundations established by ultra high net worth individuals (UHNW) distributed some 8 percent of their total $560 billion in total assets last year, or about $45 billion worldwide.

  • Biggest, Best, Unique And Bold

    By The NonProfit Times — July 28, 2015

    Everybody wants to be the next big thing and have the campaign everyone’s talking about. Here are five nonprofit campaigns from around the world that really took off.

  • A Nonprofit’s Cyber Liability And Data Privacy

    By The NonProfit Times — July 27, 2015

    Managers at nonprofits across the U.S. collect and store — in filing cabinets, networked servers and in rented “cloud” space — vast amounts of personal information. If you believe that the work of foreign hackers represents the greatest threat to the confidential information your nonprofit collects, you might be overlooking threats that are far closer to home.

  • Advocacy Groups Team Up To Get Out The Vote

    By Mark Hrywna — July 23, 2015

    Nonprofit votes count – that’s the message some nonprofits aim to get out this fall ahead of local and state elections around the country as a warm-up to the 2016 presidential election.

  • IRS: Well Isn’t That Just “Special”

    By The NonProfit Times — July 23, 2015

    Fighting the good fight, keeping the employees happy, dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is all in a day’s work at a nonprofit.

  • “Hacking” Can Be A Good Thing

    By The NonProfit Times — July 21, 2015

    World Wildlife Fund (WWF) needed another set of eyes on a problem. They got more than a dozen at the South by Southwest Eco Conference (SxSW Eco) held in October 2014.

  • $1.8 Billion Targeted Human Rights Issues

    By The NonProfit Times — July 20, 2015

    Foundations distributed $1.8 billion to charities worldwide working to promote human rights. The report “Advancing Human Rights: Update On Global Foundation Grantmaking,” by Foundation Center and International Human Rights Funders Group, found a jump of 6 percent in human rights funding compared to 2011. Some 774 committed the monies to nearly 11,000 nonprofits around the world.

  • Donors Lie, Fundraising Staff Is Generally Wrong

    By The NonProfit Times — July 14, 2015

    Conventional wisdom is to communicate with your donors the way in which they want. Wrong, according to Larry May. Direct response fundraising “is a largely unpredictable, counterintuitive, reliably illogical profession,” said May. “Listening to donors will probably mean you lose revenue.”

  • $1 Million Loan Fund Launched In California

    By The NonProfit Times — July 13, 2015

    The Nonprofits Insurance Alliance of California (NIAC) has started a small loan fund available for loans of up to $50,000 to its California members. The loans are secured only by the nonprofit’s assets. The organization has $1 million available for loans in the state.

  • 30 Candles Today For .org Domain

    By Mark Hrywna — July 10, 2015

    “Rocky” was only on its third sequel, a British duo named Wham! had the number one song of the year (“Careless Whisper”), and Coca-Cola announced it would go back to selling its old formula for Coke. While some of those things are more memorable than others, in that same year, the .org domain debuted.


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