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“Pink Slips” Win Big At MAXI Awards

July 10, 2014       Zach Halper      

Sending “pink slips” to prospective donors as an illustration was the top creative program, capturing the Platinum Big Idea Award – Fundraising That Works prize, during the 35th annual MAXI Awards last night on the opening night of the Bridge to Integrated Marketing Conference in National Harbor, Md., near Washington, D.C.

IRS Releases New, Shorter Application

July 2, 2014       The NonProfit Times      

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) unveiled a new, shorter application for small organizations seeking 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in an effort to reduce paperwork for charities, speed up the application process and focus resources on large, more complex applications.

10 Issues To Address In Your Nonprofit’s Social Media Policy

July 2, 2014       Gene Takagi      

The Internet remains the Wild Wild West of information. And even though it all seems available for the taking, you can run into a huge legal issue if you are not careful regarding grabbing and using the data. It can also cost you if people pirate information from your site or if an employee does something on social media that makes you look bad.

3 Myths About Captives

July 2, 2014       Melanie Lockwood Herman      

During the hard market phase of the property and casualty insurance market cycle — when coverage is more restrictive and expensive — many nonprofit leaders admit feeling pretty helpless. You might say that one feels “captive” by an industry that is hard to avoid.

San Diego Humane Society Announces Merger

July 2, 2014       Zach Halper      

The San Diego Humane Society and SPCA (SDHSSPCA) will merge with the Escondido Humane Society, forming what is believed will be the largest animal sheltering organization in the country.

Catholic Charities USA Seeking New CEO

July 1, 2014       Mark Hrywna      

Father Larry Snyder will step down as president of Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA) at the end of January after leading of the nation’s largest social services agencies for nearly a decade.

Charitable Giving Chugs Along, Up 0.9%

July 1, 2014       The NonProfit Times      

Charitable giving increased for the second consecutive month, growing a lackluster 0.9 percent overall compared to the same period last year, according to the latest update to the Blackbaud Index.

Marketing An ‘A-Ha’ Moment

July 1, 2014       Patrick Sullivan      

Katie Bisbee, chief marketing officer for in New York City, had to learn the hard way that “admitting failure and apologizing ends up engaging donors in a deeper way,” she said.

Classically Cannabis

July 1, 2014       Patrick Sullivan      

Like many American symphonies, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO) has seen some of its audience go up in smoke. “Here in Denver, the classical music audience has been flat or slightly declining for a long time,” said CEO Jerome Kern. “That impacts contributions. It’s not simply that they’re not attending concerts, they’re not contributing to support.”

Do More 24 Raises $1.1 Million

June 23, 2014       The NonProfit Times      

The second annual Do More 24 crowdfunding campaign raised $1.1 million in online donations for nonprofits in the Washington, D.C.-area last Sunday, bringing a mid-year boost to 560 charities. It was down roughly $200,000 from last year.