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NCRP To Honor Outstanding Grantmakers

January 14, 2014       The NonProfit Times      

The National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP) is accepting nominations for its 2014 annual NCRP Impact Awards, which honor the most innovative grantmakers in the country.

John Hoffman Dies From Tumor

January 10, 2014       The NonProfit Times      

John F. Hoffman III, a leader and innovative marketer in the telefundaising industry has died. He was 54. Hoffman died Jan. 6 from a brain tumor. Funeral services were today in Akron, Ohio.

Tots Get Toys At Near Record Highs

January 9, 2014       The NonProfit Times      

A Toys “R” Us holiday seasonal effort garnered $3.9 million and 325,000 toys for the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation in 2013. The campaign was close to the Wayne, N.J.-based Toys “R” Us’s historical highs of $4 million in both 2012 and 2011. Those two years also netted 350,000 and 400,000 toys, respectively.

IRS Lightens Up On Retroactive Reinstatement

January 8, 2014       The NonProfit Times      

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has eased its rules on retroactive reinstatement of tax-exempt status after revocation, effective for applications submitted after January 2. Revenue Procedure 2014-11 ( makes retroactive reinstatement of exempt status easier to receive for organizations where the status was automatically revoked for failing to file a federal Form 990 for three consecutive years.

Overall Charitable Giving Increased Leading Up To November

January 6, 2014       Zach Halper      

Nonprofits had a pre-holiday increase in charitable giving during the three months ending in November 2013, though the increase in online giving was slightly less than the same period a year ago.

Judge Blocks Boise Anti-Street Solicitation Ordinance

January 3, 2014       Patrick Sullivan      

A federal judge has blocked implementation of a street solicitation ordinance in Boise, Idaho, at least initially agreeing with the American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho (ACLUI) and the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (NLCHP) . U.S. District Federal Court Judge Edward J. Lodge ruled the ordinance violates the First Amendment rights of street solicitors.

Five Outstanding Low-Budget Websites

December 31, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Your website is your most visible and visited marketing piece. It says a lot about an organization. Websites are supposed to level the playing field — small versus big — when it comes to generating support and pushing advocacy.

Pay-What-You-Can Concept Challenged By Thin Margins

December 31, 2013       Marty Daks      

Panera Bread Co. wants to give something back to the communities it serves, and one way it has is to launch a series of “community cafés” where “suggested donations” replace fixed prices on the menu. The concept is fine, but “it is challenging,” said Kate Antonacci, director of social impact initiatives for the Panera Bread Foundation, which operates the Panera Cares cafés.

Interfaith Community Services CEO Retires

December 27, 2013       Zach Halper      

Richard Batt will retire as chief executive officer at Interfaith Community Services (ICS), the organization announced. The news comes nearly two years after he joined the Escondito, Calif.-based agency.