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  • United Way Revenue Ticks Down

    By Mark Hrywna — October 6, 2015

    Three United Way affiliates reported total support of more than $100 million for the 2014-2015 campaign while overall support for United Way was down by 1 percent last year.

  • 10 Things About Fundraising Via Crowdsourcing

    By The NonProfit Times — October 6, 2015

    With crowdsourcing campaigns popping up all over the news and social media, nonprofit leaders might be tempted to incorporate the strategy into their organizations’ fundraising efforts. Many already have done so.

  • Blackbaud Finalizes Deal For Smart Tuition

    By Andy Segedin — October 5, 2015

    Blackbaud of Charleston, S.C. has finalized its $190-million acquisition of Smart Tuition, a payment software and services provider for private schools and parents. The deal will fold Smart Tuition’s full product line including Smart Tuition, Smart Aid and Smart for Dioceses into Blackbaud’s K-12 portfolio.

  • Digital Annual Reports Click With Donors

    By The NonProfit Times — October 5, 2015

    Staffers at the Foundation Center held their breath for a few days in 2013, when the organization released its annual report for the fiscal year 2012. That year the New York City-based organization mailed out a slimmed-down print version, but the online version was much more in depth.

  • ACS’ Direct Mail Relaunch Beats Goal

    By The NonProfit Times — October 5, 2015

    New donors declined by 11 percent. New donor revenue dropped by $11.3 million. Had the suspension of its direct mail acquisition program continued, the American Cancer Society (ACS) projected a loss of almost $30 million over five years.

  • Taxing The Cloud

    By The NonProfit Times — October 5, 2015

    Potential changes in how states tax cloud-based services have become a hot topic in the nonprofit sector. While few nonprofits would be in the business of providing cloud-based media for things outside of their mission, nonprofit leaders might be advised to approach any sort of new digitally-provided service or revenue source carefully. As more data, fulfillment and everyday work transfer to the cloud from local servers, state and local tax officers are brainstorming for ways to tax the process. Annette Nellen, a professor at San Jose State University and author at, said the questions concerning the taxation of cloud-based services stem from the fact that sales tax in many states is directly tied to the transfer of tangible property.

  • New Donors Elusive; Retention Sitting At Just 43%

    By Mark Hrywna — October 5, 2015

    Donor churn is improving but charities are still losing three more donors each year than new and returning donors are giving to organizations. Less than half of donors supported the same charity two years in a row, according to a new survey.

  • Neuroscience And The Nonprofit Manager

    By The NonProfit Times — September 26, 2015

    Leaders who struggle with risk management might be able to attribute their difficulties to their own brains working against them. Diana Del Bel Belluz, founder and president of Risk Wise Inc., in Toronto, explained to attendees of the 2015 Risk Summit that the brain is capable of undermining success in risk management by overestimating or underestimating rewards, overestimating one’s ability to control risk, misaligning risk-reward tradeoff and allowing for self interest to take over organizational interests.

  • Yale Endowment Returned Almost 12 Percent

    By Mark Hrywna — September 24, 2015

    Yale University’s endowment earned an 11.5 percent investment return and grew to $25.6 billion last year. The university also had investment gains of about $2.6 billion for the year ending June 30, compared with $4 billion the previous year. The endowment returned 20.2 percent for the year ending June 30, 2014, when most university endowments averaged about 15.5 percent, according to the 2014 Study of Endowments.

  • Employee Retreats And Party Tricks

    By The NonProfit Times — September 23, 2015

    The 25 staff members at Young Community Developers (YCD) drove about an hour and a half away from the organization’s San Francisco headquarters for an employee retreat in 2013. When they returned they had a new program.


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