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Sensitive Stewardship And Donors with Dementia

April 16, 2018       Robert P. Hofmann and Jolene Hyppa Martin      

Donors older than age 65 give a disproportionately large percentage of total gifts in the U.S. In fact, according to multiple data sources, 47 percent of top gift donors in 2016 were between the ages of 60 and 79 years old, and 30 percent were 80 years of age or older. The Baby Boomers are hitting their 70s, and the donor population is rapidly aging.

Salsa Labs Acquired By Private Equity Firm

April 13, 2018       Andy Segedin      

Salsa Labs, a nonprofit fundraising and marketing software provider, has been acquired by Accel-KKR. The tech-focused private equity firm, with operations in Menlo Park, Calif., Atlanta, Ga., and London, UK, announced the deal on Thursday.

5 Minutes, 20 Slides Ignite Life, Tech Ideas At NTC

April 13, 2018       Mark Hrywna      

NEW ORLEANS, LA. – Check your assumptions. Use a P.S. in solicitation emails. Make incremental, continuous progress toward your goals. Take the time to learn about yourself. Those were among the small lessons that had a big impact on eight speakers during Thursday morning’s Ignite sessions at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC).

NPOs Tapping Into New Markets Tax Credits

April 12, 2018       Walter R. Calvert, Michael D. Schiffer, Gueter Aurelien and Tammara F. Langlieb      

The New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) Program is an effective way for nonprofit organizations and businesses located in low-income, distressed or rural communities to secure favorable financing for projects such as charter schools, health clinics and charitable operations. The NMTC Program is a federal subsidy program designed to stimulate private investment in low-income communities by providing private investors with federal tax credits.

‘Rage’ Giving Fueled Uptick In 2017 Fundraising

April 11, 2018       Andy Segedin      

The year-to-year change in donors in households from where gifts were made to organizations for the first time increased in 2017 for the first time during this decade, up 10 percent from 2016. The bump is being driven by donors who already give to other organizations, many of them making gifts of at least $1,000.

Moore DM Group Continues Rapid Expansion In NPO Space

April 11, 2018       Paul Clolery      

In a new salvo in the skirmish of the agencies that work in nonprofit direct response fundraising, Moore DM Group (MDMG) announced several moves, including opening a Los Angeles office and hiring a senior official of a rival firm.

Foundations Step In To Assess Facebook Damage

April 9, 2018       Andy Segedin      

Facebook has been under fire in recent months as reports continue to surface concerning how the social-media platform was used to spread disinformation and influence recent elections, including the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. A consortium of American foundations announced on Monday that they will support research directed at assessing the damage, understanding Facebook’s role in elections, and helping carve a path forward.

Donor-Advised Funds Grantors Prefer Education Over Religion

April 9, 2018       Andy Segedin      

Account holders of donor-advised funds (DAFs) aren’t like your typical check-in-the-mail donor. They tend to be wealthier, savvier in terms of taking advantage of the tax implications of their gifts, and — according to new research — prioritize their gifts differently than the general donating public.

Human Rights Funding Up 50% In A Decade

April 2, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Funding for human rights increased by almost 50 percent during the first half of this decade, according to a new study. The Foundation Center and Human Rights Funders Network (HRFN) began mapping human rights grant-making in 2010 through the research hub, Advancing Human Rights.

Leadership Stability, Organizational Flexibility Fundamental To The 2018 Top Nonprofits To Work For

March 30, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Significant change, like, say, a new chief executive officer, can have an impact on an organization’s culture, as well as other aspects of a nonprofit. Stability in the C-suite is usually helpful while consistent turnover at the top is not likely to enjoin success.