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Bob Smucker Dies: A Founding Father of Nonprofit Advocacy

November 2, 2015       Mark Hrywna      

Robert “Bob” Martin Smucker, the founder of the Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest (CLPI) and one of the godfathers of nonprofit advocacy and lobbying, died Oct. 28 at his home in Falls Church, Va. He was 86.

Board Members Compensated 46% Of The Time

November 1, 2015       The NonProfit Times      

Nearly all (95%) of foundation boards have at least one member with program-specific knowledge. Original donors have a seat on 22 percent of boards while 50 percent of boards have a family member of an original donor. All board members are compensated at 46 percent of foundations, while 7 percent of foundations compensate some but not all members.

Live From BBCON: Empathy Gap Stalling Progress

October 27, 2015       Mark Hrywna      

Innovation is sweeping through the nonprofit world and beyond yet there remains an “empathy gap” when it comes to investing in solutions to address society’s problems, according to Nicholas Kristof.

Would You Donate To A Soft Drink Company?

October 27, 2015       Paul Clolery      

Something became quite obvious while sipping a Diet Dr. Pepper and reading through the 1,800 statistical cells for this year’s NPT 100 in the soon to be released November 1 issue of The NonProfit Times. The numbers are improving but donors have very little to do with the enhancement.

Retirement Plans Can Consider Impact Investments

October 23, 2015       Mark Hrywna      

New guidance announced by the U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) could be another boon for impact investments.

Nonprofits Face Internal Leadership Shortfall

October 22, 2015       Andy Segedin      

Nonprofit senior managers are engaged in an elaborate game of musical chairs, with 44 percent of C-suite positions filled during the past two years taken by members of other organizations. Internal promotions have resulted in just 29 percent of new hires, half the rate of the for-profit sector.

42% Of Americans Can’t Afford To Give

October 21, 2015       Mark Hrywna      

More than 7 out of 10 people see themselves as more generous than average but more people (59 percent) think donating time makes a bigger impact than donating money (41 percent).

Opportunities Missed From Too Many Fundraising Channels

October 20, 2015       The NonProfit Times      

Most fundraisers (68 percent) use four or more channels to engage constituents, and the most popular engagement channels are email (86 percent), website (72 percent) and in-person events (71 percent) and direct mail (68 percent).

Telefundraising Is Most Likely Target of Attorneys General

October 17, 2015       Mark Hrywna      

Fundraising abuse is the most common area of enforcement but state charity offices have not caught up to Internet or social media fundraising while staffing has remained stable since the Great Recession.

Associating Not High

October 15, 2015       The NonProfit Times      

Associating Not High

On List For Some

State, Regional Groups

The Virginia Network of Nonprofit Organizations (VANNO) launched in 2004 to provide a voice for the state’s nonprofit community. By 2012, it was gone.