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Giving Stagnant, Slowly Moving To Mobile

February 22, 2017       Andy Segedin      

Increases in online giving outpaced overall giving nearly eight-fold in 2016, 7.9 percent versus a paltry 1 percent. Though still representing just a fraction of gifts, donating online showed a staying power in 2016 that had yet to be previously seen, according to Steve MacLaughlin, vice president, data and analytics for Charleston, S.C.-based Blackbaud.

Nonprofits Targeted for Federal Funding Cuts

February 21, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

With Republicans back in control of both Congress and the White House, several federal agencies that are routinely targeted for spending cuts appear to be back on the chopping block.

72% Hike In Donor-Advised Fund Contributions

February 16, 2017       Andy Segedin      

Contributions to the National Philanthropic Trust shot up to $1.7 billion in 2016, a 72-percent increase from 2015. The spike was likely a result of favorable market conditions and concern over potential future changes in tax policy, according to Eileen R. Heisman, president and CEO of the Jenkintown, Pa.-headquartered donor-advised fund.

Millennial Donors Want Transparency From You

February 14, 2017       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Reaching out to the largest generation in history is worth your effort, but first you must appreciate their values — especially transparency — according to a marketing executive who recently addressed a national nonprofit’s annual conference.

A Valentine Story: Most Couples Decide On Giving Together

February 14, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

More than 80 percent of donors make giving decisions as a couple and on average only 11 percent said they disagree on those decisions, according to a recent survey.

Besser To Replace Lavizzo-Mourey At RWJF

February 13, 2017       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Richard Besser, M.D., former acting director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ABC News’ current chief health and medical editor, will be the new president and chief executive officer of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) in Princeton, N.J.

Opinion: It’s Time For National NPOs To Work Locally

February 13, 2017       Paul Clolery      

The inauguration has taken place and yet the sun still came up. Not an election cycle goes by without one side or the other getting its shorts in a twist regarding the newest occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, 20500.

Higher Ed Fundraising Hits Another Record

February 7, 2017       Andy Segedin      

Charitable giving to American colleges and universities reached the $41 billion mark in 2016, eclipsing 2015’s record of $40.3 billion. The sum represents a 0.4 percent increase adjusted for inflation. Foundation and corporate giving were primary drivers of the increase.

New Options Evolving For Fundraising Via Facebook

February 7, 2017       Paul Clolery      

The New Year is already more than a month old and though lines at the local gym and health-food store are already shorter than they were a few weeks ago, 2017 fundraising goals don’t have to go the same route.

Fidelity, Vanguard, Schwab Passed Along $5.7 Billion

February 3, 2017       Mark Hrywna      

As giving to donor-advised funds (DAF) continues to grow so does grant-making by the charitable giving vehicles.