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Yes, technology funders do exist

by The NonProfit Times - May 9, 2013

Most nonprofit managers would love to find a technology funder to support relevant projects and programs. But if you’re seeking funders that specifically target technology projects, you might be missing out on opportunities, according to Idealware in Portland, Maine.

Instead of looking for a mythical technology funder, look to those organizations who support your cause. If they’re behind your mission, talking to them about how your project will help you better fulfill that mission is more likely to resonate than simply pitching the technology.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can you make the case to a current funder that the technology will help you do things either better or more effectively in an area about which they’ve shown an interest?
  • Do you have major donors who would consider funding a technology project? It’s a nice, tangible thing to support, especially for donors from the business world who generally understand the importance of technology.
  • Can you position it as a piece of a larger proposal — for instance, can you include your website redesign as part of a new advocacy project, as it will help you with outreach for the cause?
  • Can you interest local banks or corporate consulting firms in funding? Many firms prefer to support local nonprofits, making them potential sources for small grants or volunteer experts.
  • Be creative and be persistent. Funding for technology is not a lost cause, but searching for ideal “technology funders” might lead you down the wrong path or distract you from recognizing more viable opportunities.


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