Use The 3 Ps to Get Through To Employees

May 17, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

There’s a decent chance that your organization has recently launched a new employee initiative or policy. Maybe there was some research or employee involvement in the process. But, there’s probably still a little uncertainty as to how employees will respond and how the initiative will impact performance, one of the most critical drivers of your organization’s mission.

    So long as you follow three basic tenets, you might be in the clear, according to Elayne Sheridan, director of leadership development at Blackbaud. Sheridan presented on those three keys during bbcon2017 in Baltimore, Md. Employee engagement can be as simple as following the three Ps, according to Sheridan. They are:

  • Play. You don’t necessarily need to start a workplace softball league but a sense of play can be a powerful driver of performance by encouraging learning, curiosity and experimentation. Find ways to design roles that enable a balance of process, self-determined action, and ownership of subsequent outcomes. Carve out the ability for staff to feel free to express their ideas toward innovation and improved result and communicate clear visions and goals;
  • Purpose. Intangible values and beliefs are often cited as a primary reason why employees choose to work in the sector. Capitalize on that by matching individuals with roles that complement their values and beliefs. Divvy up large goals into achievable chunks and communicate outcomes even for smaller wins; and,
  • Potential. No employee wants to feel like a hamster on a wheel. Make it clear that employees have an opportunity to grow. That might include providing growth opportunities; expanding employees’ experience, skills, and networks; and coaching and feedback.