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Management Tips

  • 7 ideas for legacy gift motivations

    By The NonProfit Times — April 13, 2015

    Nonprofits managers are finding the benefits of soliciting and securing legacy gifts, but legacy fundraising is still uncharted area in many ways.

  • Discrimination Risks When Hiring

    By The NonProfit Times — April 10, 2015

    What regulates hiring? Employers working with children or people who are otherwise vulnerable cannot hire people with a history of abuse. What regulates hiring? A host of new laws limiting the ability of employers to discriminate based on certain criteria, such as a criminal record.

  • 3 Legs Up On The Competition

    By The NonProfit Times — April 10, 2015

    People who land jobs do a few things slightly differently than those who do not and some of those things are very easy.

  • The challenges of donor-controlled gifts

    By The NonProfit Times — April 7, 2015

    The nonprofit sector abounds with stories of people who want to terminate or significantly change the requirements of a donor advised funding plan. Very often disputes, such as children of the original donors charging that the recipient has diverged from the parents’ wishes, are acrimonious and, worse for the sector, high profile.

  • 7 deadly sins in creative

    By The NonProfit Times — April 7, 2015

    The Seven Deadly Sins — many religions identify them as the basis for potential wrongdoing. The big sins have even have been used by writers and moviemakers as the basis of thrilling (maybe) stories.

  • Making the Most of Your Grant Consultant

    By The NonProfit Times — April 7, 2015

    Hiring a grant consultant is one way for grants-driven nonprofits to maximize their productivity and gain new perspectives and expertise. “Consultants can be an asset to a busy development department that’s working hard to keep up with deadlines,” said Holly Thompson, contributing editor for The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “But the partnership will be most successful when roles and expectations are clearly spelled out from the beginning.”

  • Critical investigation follow-up

    By The NonProfit Times — April 6, 2015

    Just as no job is finished until the paperwork is done, so is no internal investigation finished until follow-up procedures have been taken. That was the advice offered during the 2014 Nonprofit Risk Summit by Frank M. Pawlak, an attorney with more than 30 years representing management in labor and employment law.

  • 7-year evolution of enterprise risk management

    By The NonProfit Times — April 6, 2015

    Nonprofit leaders are only human, and preventing risk can often be an overlooked.

  • 6 things real leaders understand

    By The NonProfit Times — April 6, 2015

    Leadership involves a lot, including items that are obvious and those that are subtle. In his book “Leading the Life You Want,” Stewart D. Friedman offers several views of what leadership needs.

  • Building a monthly giving program

    By The NonProfit Times — March 31, 2015

    There are four important elements to building a monthly giving program with recruitment being the biggest investment. The other elements are retention, recovery and re-action.


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