Management Tips

3 Places For Risky User Behavior

December 21, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Managers who bemoan employees’ use of the internet for purposes other than work might have more to worry about than just a lack of productivity or efficiency.
The things employees do during business hours could pose serious risks of exposure to cyberattack.

Will Cocktail Stories Work Without Cocktails?

December 20, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

If you’ve ever been to a cocktail party, you know the value of a good story. And if you want to reach the largest generation in history, make it a good, detailed one.

Donors Remember Calls Of Thanks

December 20, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Perhaps philosopher and author James Allen said it best: “No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks.”

And This Just In ….

December 20, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

You can increase donations and visibility when news breaks by having a solid reaction plan in place. That isn’t news. The news is how to activate the plan.

Ethnic Volunteering Needs a Tailored Approach

December 19, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Engaging can mean many things, from financial support to helping spread word about an organization or mission. It can also mean volunteering, and sometimes enlisting volunteers can benefit from a strategic approach as much as fundraising can.

4 Takeaways From Intern Lawsuits

December 19, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Nonprofits rely heavily on volunteers and often on unpaid interns.
That is nothing new, but recent disputes that went to court have caused the U.S. Department of Labor (DoL) to review the need for additional guidance about unpaid internships at nonprofits.

7 Areas of OSHA-related Issues

December 19, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an entity that many employers would prefer to forget, but it is a governmental entity that is aimed at improving the health and safety conditions of working people.

Opening Up To Cyber Attacks

December 15, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Use of employer-owned cyber equipment is so ingrained in people that many workers might not realize they are breaking rules or breaching protocols when they stop work to surf the Internet.

How To Deal With Residual Data

December 15, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Dealing with data exhaust is a lot like spring cleaning your closet: trying to determine what you’re going to use again, getting rid of what you won’t, and making hard decisions about items you’re on the fence about. Just like spring cleaning is essential to avoiding an overflowing closet, addressing data exhaust is key to avoiding an undue amount of superfluous donor information.

5 Tips For Picking Password Management Software

December 15, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

How many passwords do you use for work? Five? 10? More? Most nonprofit staffers have too many passwords to remember them all. This leads to bad habits –writing them down on sticky notes, sharing them with colleagues, or reusing the same password over and over. These bad habits can put your organization’s data at risk.