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  • 7 ideas for building legacy gifts

    By The NonProfit Times — September 22, 2015

    The summit of the donor pyramid is the legacy gift. As Angel Aloma and Kevin Moran described — it’s the gold in the golden years of your organization’s database. That’s what makes the relationship with your planned giving department so critical.

  • 9 ideas for your planned giving program

    By The NonProfit Times — September 22, 2015

    Planned giving, as important as it is, can feel like an inert piece of machinery – very large machinery – when it needs to be restarted. Getting the thing moving looks like an impossible task. It does not need to be that way, however.

  • There’s a cost to really screwing up

    By The NonProfit Times — September 20, 2015

    Even an honest error can trigger one an audit by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and that exacts a cost in time, resources and possibly, reputation.

  • Better decisions in 5 easy steps

    By The NonProfit Times — September 19, 2015

    Decisions, decisions. Sometimes life would be so much easier if someone else made the decisions. Like it or not, nonprofit managers have to make decisions, often. Sometimes they work just great, and other times, well …

  • Questions for your “stay” interview

    By The NonProfit Times — September 19, 2015

    There’s the job interview, aimed at finding the best person for a position, and the exit interview, a chance to pretend to learn from a departing employee what is good or bad about the organization.

  • 5 elements of fundraising creative

    By The NonProfit Times — September 15, 2015

    It takes a lot of creativity to stay creative, but, creatively speaking, creativity can create a lot of opportunities.

  • 9 ways to get personal in your donor relationships

    By The NonProfit Times — September 15, 2015

    As any nonprofit fundraiser knows, generating donations is about building relationships.

  • Salesmanship in proposal writing

    By The NonProfit Times — September 14, 2015

    Most nonprofit professionals believe passionately in their organization’s mission, and new grant seekers often believe that articulating their organization’s good work is all that’s needed to win funding. “Their commitment to the issue is so strong that they can’t imagine the funder won’t feel the same way and jump on board,” said Holly Thompson, contributing editor for The Grantsmanship Center, in Los Angeles, Calif.

  • 6 challenges of newly hired managers

    By The NonProfit Times — September 14, 2015

    Coming in new to a managerial job can be daunting, but starting out in an area that is virgin territory for nonprofits or that has serious long-range problems can be especially intimidating.

  • 12 ways to relate to donors

    By The NonProfit Times — September 12, 2015

    Building a rapport with donors is like building any other relationship, creating a connection counts. In his book “The Zen of Fundraising,” Ken Burnett shares 12 considerations to make when attempting to relate to donors.


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