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Management Tips

  • Avoiding the toxic collaborators

    By The NonProfit Times — March 24, 2015

    When you’re fighting hard on behalf of the people or things for which your organization stands, you must be able to trust those fighting by your side. “You can deal with staff members who turn out to be scoundrels so long as you stick like glue to your organization’s personnel policies,” according to Barbara Floersch, director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Passion Trumps The Donor Pyramid

    By Patrick Sullivan — March 24, 2015

    Tom Gaffny was giving Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, hosts of the hit television show Mythbusters, a run for their money during the Direct Marketing Association Nonprofit Federation’s 2015 Washington Nonprofit Conference. Gaffny, who owns an eponymous fundraising consultancy in Wellesley, Mass., busted some myths of his own during the session.

  • Your case statement in 8 steps

    By The NonProfit Times — March 23, 2015

    The case statement is the building block of your organization, but particularly in your organization’s plan to move people to make donations.

  • No good reason for no sustainers

    By The NonProfit Times — March 23, 2015

    Some fundraisers say it all the time: “Sustainers aren’t right for my organization.” The excuses are myriad, from privacy concerns to having tried once to push a sustainer program to a focus on short-term ROI to a mission management believes don’t suit a monthly donor program.

  • “Lucky” 13 ways to make reply devices work

    By The NonProfit Times — March 23, 2015

    It’s no secret that attention spans are short. You only have a few seconds to make that connection to the donor, entice her to open your direct mail piece and send back a gift. With such a narrow margin for error, everything in the package must work double-duty to funnel the donor toward a gift, even the reply device.

  • 5 key mistakes made with donors

    By The NonProfit Times — March 17, 2015

    Quick, what’s more valuable, $15 or $150? If you answered that question correctly, you might be ready to focus on your mid-level program. But it’s not as simple as 1+1=2. In rejuvenating a lagging mid-level program, there are lots of opportunities to make mistakes.

  • 7 website elements that keep visitors

    By The NonProfit Times — March 17, 2015

    When a supporter or potential donor visits your charity’s website from a tablet or smart phone, it’s not the same experience as if they visited via a laptop or desktop. It’s important to take that into account when considering your nonprofit’s mobile website.

  • 9 ways of highlighting your ask string

    By The NonProfit Times — March 17, 2015

    Fundraisers know it’s not all about the money, it’s about the relationship. But money’s an important part. If you’re using a direct mail piece, you have to let the copy do the talking and build the relationship.

  • 4 phases of ERM implementation

    By The NonProfit Times — March 16, 2015

    Just as new challenges have caused nonprofit managers to utilize innovative approaches, the concept of enterprise risk management (ERM) requires a new kind of thinking for minimizing or handling risk.

  • Whole leadership leaves few holes

    By The NonProfit Times — March 16, 2015

    Like it or not, leadership is usually a full-time gig. It carries responsibilities, even off the clock.


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