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Management Tips

  • 10 characteristics of responsible leaders

    By The NonProfit Times — June 1, 2015

    It has been said that good leaders know how to wait until they see how the flock is heading and then get in front of them. That might work. But, nowadays the nonprofit sector needs leaders who can get out in front from the get-go and then really lead.

  • Sanity saved via efficient communication

    By The NonProfit Times — June 1, 2015

    Clear communication, internal and external, is crucial for any nonprofit, but many in the sector believe that improving communications must necessarily involve a major effort or expenditure, or they question the importance of communication.

  • Social impact via bonds or venture capital

    By The NonProfit Times — June 1, 2015

    The combination of a desire to do good and a desire to generate both social and financial benefit has resulted in financing via “Social Impact Bonds.”

  • 11 philanthropy lessons from programs

    By The NonProfit Times — May 27, 2015

    Sometimes lessons and models are nearby, and other times they are much farther away. In one case, a country in Africa became the focal point for an enterprise that proved to have benefits around.

  • Getting in the door and the next step

    By The NonProfit Times — May 27, 2015

    Keeping a relationship with a major donor offers challenges, or opportunities for the optimists in the fundraising cohort, at many different stages.

  • 5 ways of making your message clear

    By The NonProfit Times — May 27, 2015

    The purpose of a grant proposal is to communicate your organization’s message in a way that instills confidence and inspires support. “When a funder is reviewing your proposal, you’ve got a private audience,” said Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “Don’t squander that opportunity by burying your message beneath a barrage of static.”

  • 3 parameters to set for an auxiliary board

    By The NonProfit Times — May 26, 2015

    It is a given that a nonprofit boards exists to serve a very serious function, and there are constitutions and bylaws meant to ensure that fact and make it well known.

  • 8 helpful phrases for the “ask”

    By The NonProfit Times — May 26, 2015

    A meeting with a major donor can go just swimmingly until crunch time: closing the deal by asking for a donation.

  • 5 critical big picture issues

    By The NonProfit Times — May 26, 2015

    It’s easy to say, Stop, take a step back, look at the big picture.

  • 7 things to be included in board “vision”

    By The NonProfit Times — May 21, 2015

    Are your board members visionaries? They should be, said Roxanna Trivitt and Jean Anne Zappa of Shively Area Ministries. Board members are the ones with the 30,000-foot view of your organization. They’re the ones who can look down the road to where the organization and its mission will be five, 10, or 20 years from now.


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