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The Digital Landscape For Nonprofits

March 27, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

To be effective in the mobile world, you must commit to being there in the micro-moments that truly matter to your organization. What are micro-moments? They are the moments when people want help informing their choices or making decisions.

4 Assignments Someone Must Cover

March 27, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

The ubiquitous use of “we will” in grant proposals paves the way for grant-management nightmares. “When the grant proposal does not assign tasks to specific positions, those tasks usually fall by the wayside when the intense work of program start-up gets underway,” according to Barbara Floersch of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

Recurring Donor Revenue Can Come On A Monthly Basis

March 27, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

“A bird in hand is worth two in the bush” can apply to donors, too. With so much volatility facing both the sector and the communities and initiatives individual nonprofits serve, coming into each month with a collection of reliable donors can serve as a security blanket for nonprofit fundraisers.

It Can Be OK To Be A Flame-Thrower

March 26, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

If flaming out and being down on one’s luck was unpopular, there wouldn’t be so many country music songs. Everybody, and by proxy every association leader, can find themselves in a rut. The question is how to get out of it and turn things around.

Get Ready to Compete for Federal Grants

March 26, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

An organization doesn’t have to be large to receive a federal grant award. Many small nonprofits benefit from direct federal grants, or from federal funding passed through to them by other, larger organizations. “An organization’s size isn’t the issue. It’s all about the ability to deliver what it promises and to manage the grant competently,” said Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

Embrace, Capitalize On Generations’ Differences

March 19, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

The generational divide is something that nonprofit fundraisers and marketers have to navigate on a daily basis. Gifts from members of older generations still tend to make up the bulk of nonprofits’ revenues, but younger supporters can both serve as valuable advocates and help build pipelines toward the future.

To Win Funding, Get Solid Commitments

March 13, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

One organization can’t do everything, and go-it-alone grant proposals that don’t make good use of community networks and resources are not convincing. The most effective proposals include authentic collaborations where participating organizations pursue their own missions while also contributing to a common goal.

5 Realities of Corporate Fundraising

March 13, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Whether you are considering cause sponsorship, “pin-up” or point-of-purchase campaigns, corporate volunteering/employee engagement or cause marketing, your corporate fundraising will succeed if you remember five critical points advised Chris Baylis, president and CEO of The Sponsorship Collective in Ottawa, Canada, in a session “Developing New and Stronger Corporate Relationships” at an Association of Fundraising Professionals Toronto Congress.

4 Tests For Enhancing Staff Performance

March 12, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

For years, IBM was a leader in its industry, a shining example of strong organizational culture. When things started changing, though, shifts from an emphasis on large mainframe computers, the strong culture of the organization made it slow to adapt.

If You Need a Grant Development Consultant

March 12, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Organizations often reach out to grant professionals to help them identify likely funders, then develop and submit funding requests. “Working with a grants consultant can be great for your organization,” said Barbara Floersch of The Grantsmanship Center. “But if you’re seriously considering this approach, here are a few critical considerations.”