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Management Tips

  • Avoid the last-minute proposal

    By The NonProfit Times — March 3, 2015

    Dashing off a grant proposal to meet a deadline is sometimes unavoidable, “but don’t make a habit of it,” warned Holly Thompson, contributing editor for The Grantsmanship Center, in Los Angeles, Calif. “It’s not enough to just ‘get it done’ and ‘get it in.’ Planning ahead and taking the time to craft a polished proposal is a must for winning grants.”

  • Legacies are about more than just money

    By The NonProfit Times — March 3, 2015

    Major donors can provide great help to nonprofits, both while they are alive and once they have passed on. The trick with trying to secure a legacy donation is that people generally don’t like being reminded that they will die some day. That still does not mean they aren’t willing to help after they’re gone.

  • Discrimination risks when it comes to hiring

    By The NonProfit Times — March 2, 2015

    What regulates hiring? Employers working with children or people who are otherwise vulnerable cannot hire people with a history of abuse. What regulates hiring? A host of new laws limiting the ability of employers to discriminate based on certain criteria, such as a criminal record.

  • When mission is NOT accomplished

    By The NonProfit Times — March 2, 2015

    Talent, dedication and fairness are necessary attributes for leaders, but something can still be missing if a leader lacks a sense of passion for the mission or organization. That lack can then be transmitted to employees, with the result that the entire organization sags. Mission not accomplished.

  • 9 ways to be ready for an unplanned CEO absence

    By The NonProfit Times — March 2, 2015

    Usually the departure of a leader from a nonprofit is planned well advance of the actual departure. Occasionally, however, a leader can leave unexpectedly, either for a short while or permanently.

  • 10 hiring risks to consider

    By The NonProfit Times — February 23, 2015

    Of all the crapshoots that come with managing a nonprofit, hiring to fill a vacancy can be one that is extremely dicey. Not every ideal-looking candidate actually works out, but in the philanthropic sector, where employees can come into contact with vulnerable populations or large sums of money, a bad hire can turn into an overnight catastrophe.

  • Deciding if you’re properly insured

    By The NonProfit Times — February 23, 2015

    Buying insurance can be a daunting task for an individual, but getting the right insurance for a nonprofit can be especially bewildering.

  • 6 ways leaders can innovate

    By The NonProfit Times — February 23, 2015

    Leading when everything is going according to plan can be challenging enough, but leading when things go awry can really be challenging. It can be time to innovate.

  • Top 10 things to ask

    By The NonProfit Times — February 20, 2015

    The nonprofit sector relies on surveys in a variety of ways, but simply conducting a survey it not in itself a cure-all. If the research being done via a survey is not carefully thought out or the results are useless or ignored, then the only result is likely to be wasted money.

  • Keep your proposals consistent

    By The NonProfit Times — February 20, 2015

    Inconsistencies in a grant proposal are evidence of a faulty planning process, rushed writing, or carelessness. “Inconsistencies can cause the reviewer to wonder if you know what you’re doing,” said Holly Thompson, contributing editor of The Grantsmanship Center, in Los Angeles, Calif. Pay particular attention to the following elements; they’re where problems are most likely to occur.


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