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Management Tips

  • Collaboration mechanisms for the workplace

    By The NonProfit Times — March 31, 2014

    Ever wonder what techniques there are to facilitate an organization’s learning atmosphere? In his book “NGO Leadership and Human Rights,” Richard K. Ghere suggested that the collective learning experience is crucial to a successful workplace.

  • 4 lessons for board members

    By The NonProfit Times — March 26, 2014

    What’s the board’s role in fundraising? Funny you should ask because the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB) recently released a new publication titled “The Board’s Role in Fundraising.” In it, Trish Jackson, the executive director of college and foundation partnerships at the Fullbridge Program in Cambridge, Mass., and a former associate vice president for individual and organizational giving at Dartmouth College, offers key lessons for board members:

  • The spectrum of being a manager

    By The NonProfit Times — March 26, 2014

    For many employees, work would be bearable, if not enjoyable, without managers. For many managers, would be just great without all those employees.

  • 8 leadership dos and don’ts

    By The NonProfit Times — March 26, 2014

    A nonprofit is unlikely to have any success without effective leadership. Everyone’s definition of a leader is different, but there are some common threads, according to Emmet D. Carson, CEO and President of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.

  • 12 keys to world-class donor service

    By The NonProfit Times — March 25, 2014

    Are your organization’s donors staying at the Ritz-Carlton or the Bates Motel? Dealing with a nonprofit is a two-way experience: the donor gets some kind of service and the organizations gets money in return.

  • Cultivate your fundraising strength

    By The NonProfit Times — March 25, 2014

    The board is strong fundraising. That’s good, right? Right.

  • Get an Indirect Cost Rate when doing business with the feds

    By The NonProfit Times — March 25, 2014

    Administrative overhead expenses are a fact of organizational life. They might be called overhead, administrative, operating, or indirect. No matter what you call them, less-than-exciting necessities such as balancing the books, auditing the finances, and maintaining the computer system cost money.

  • Many Paths: One Result

    By The NonProfit Times — March 20, 2014

    Multichannel donors have higher retention, tend to make larger and more gifts, and have a higher lifetime value. So what is your nonprofit waiting for?

  • Small Nonprofits, Big Data

    By The NonProfit Times — March 20, 2014

    “Big data” might be among the latest buzzwords but that doesn’t mean that it’s off limits to small nonprofits.

  • How to do your test right

    By The NonProfit Times — March 18, 2014

    There is a national craze for tests, with everybody sure that results will show their incredible wisdom.


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