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Management Tips

  • 10 ways to show commitment to volunteers

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Lip service is easy (remember “Support the Troops?”). A genuine commitment to volunteers ensures getting the best possible results from their efforts, as well as giving them the best possible experience in their volunteer efforts.

  • 6 questions to ask online giving service providers

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    As the recent natural disasters and the responses they spurred have shown, utilization of online donations by nonprofits is no longer a matter of whether. It is going on, and it will not abate.

  • 3 phases in a turnaround

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Waiting until after hitting the iceberg was probably a tad too late for the Titanic’s captain to consider a turnaround, but the concept of turning things around is one facing many businesses and nonprofits in today’s shaky economy.

  • Protecting against abuse of the vulnerable

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Because many nonprofits deal with what can be called vulnerable populations, they must be extremely careful about potential abuse of those people who are receiving services from the nonprofit.

  • Learning from performance measurements

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Evaluating the performance of any component of an organization is important, but new means of measurement can offer a more sophisticated assessment, just as they can cause unnecessary complications.

  • 6 qualities of successful social entrepreneurs

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    So, what makes a successful social entrepreneur? In his book “How to Change the World,” David Bornstein disputes the common assumption that highly successful entrepreneurs are more confident and persistent than most others.

  • Prospect screening and capital campaigns

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Getting the most out of any campaign requires plenty of thought and preparation.

  • Strategic partnerships and ‘what’s in it for me?’

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Business leaders have learned that being good to the nonprofit sector and those it serves can be good for the bottom line. Some nonprofit leaders have learned the same thing.

  • FIN 480 is not an expensive port wine

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Of all the federal government entities that find themselves facing calls for contraction, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is standing tall, rolling right along, as vigilant of the nonprofit sector as ever. As always, nonprofits will have to be sure of adhering to a dizzying array of regulations in order to maintain their tax-exempt status. For example, ASC 740-10, formerly and still commonly known as FIN 480, clarifies the accounting for uncertainty in income taxes recognized in an organization’s financial statements in accordance with FASB Statement No. 109.

  • Helping volunteers feel good about their work

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Nonprofit managers generally find that volunteers who come away from their service feeling the best about the experience are the same ones who have given the organization the best feeling about their contribution.


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