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Management Tips

  • Opening conversations about bequests and other plans

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Searching for the correct language to solicit bequest donations can sometimes be difficult but at the recent Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Conference in Chicago, Ill., session called “Language to Open Conversations About Bequests and Other Gift Plans, William D. Samers, vice president of the New York City UJA-Federation of New York, talked about some about the best strategies to use when approaching this topic.

  • Leveraging corporate sponsorships

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    As corporate donations account for $17.2 billion of contribution dollars in 2009, Peter H. Hanson, vice president of development for the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, offered suggestions on how to best capitalize in these opportunities during a session called “Leveraging Corporate Sponsorships: Stop Leaving Money on the Table,” during the Association of Fundraising Professional’s (AFP) International Conference in Chicago.

  • Ramping up your program’s ‘ask’

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    To ensure fiscal health for a nonprofit, fundraisers simply have to ask, as in making the “ask.” Jill A. Pranger of Pranger Philanthropic in Rochester, N.Y., discussed how to revamp your annual giving program during a session called “Annual Giving: Changing Lives Through Loyal Donors,” during the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) International Conference in Chicago, Ill.

  • Calculating the real costs of a lead

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Because nonprofit leaders must disburse money wisely, they must have some awareness of where the dough is going. In addition to everything else, they must consider bang for the buck. And in this endeavor, as in many, there are lies, damned lies and statistics.

  • The feds continue their ‘Big Brother’ routine

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    In its never-ending quest to drive nonprofit managers to distraction, the federal government, especially the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) keeps updating its regulations of charitable operations.

  • 8 ideas for organizational moral development

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    “Oh, grow up!” It’s an expression most of have heard, or said, at some point in our lives. At an American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ Not-For-Profit Financial Executives Forum in Anaheim, Patricia J. Harned and Frank J. Havran offered their ideas about growing up, especially the concept that growing up is a matter of moral, as much as emotional, maturity.

  • A safe harbor for use of contractors

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    For a variety of reasons, many employers have found it beneficial to use independent contractors rather than full-time employees. Their motives are usually financial, but many employers have found themselves getting into trouble with regulating authorities.

  • 6 ideas to get started on governance policy

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    Vision, mission, fundraising and delivery — all are abiding features of nonprofits. One of the important elements of running a nonprofit well is having a solid basis for converting intention into action.

  • 9 effects of risk on humans

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    What is “risk?” Now that you have stopped screaming, you might want to take a calm look at the word. In her book “Ready … Or Not,” published by the Nonprofit Risk Management Center, Melanie Lockwood Herman calls upon the work of many years by experts to highlight the factors that have the most substantial effect on human perceptions of risk.

  • Beating the fraud triangle

    By The NonProfit Times — May 9, 2011

    What makes good people do bad things? There is no easy answer, especially for nonprofits.


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