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Management Tips

  • Recruiting from the for-profit world

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    As the nonprofit sector develops into a formidable hiring force, people from the for-profit world continuously jump to nonprofits for employment. But there some differences between the for-profit and nonprofit arenas that can make a difference in employment, according to Kurt Aschermann, president and chief operating officer of Charity Partners, LLC based in Boston.

  • Showing volunteers you like them, you really like them

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    Because volunteers don’t draw a paycheck, keeping them happy and committed is of extreme importance for keeping them coming back. They won’t do it if they don’t feel good about it.

  • 5 things to know about virtual private networks

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    As nonprofits struggle with, among other things, the brave new world of daily-changing technology, they must be aware of ways to make their own organizations run more efficiently as well as of ways to make the online experience as trouble-free as possible for potential donors.

  • 6 elements to picking donors in tough times

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    A time of financial instability and jobless recovery hardly seems like a time to embark on projects, but in their book “Building Fundraising Momentum in a Recession,” Lawrence Henze and Katherine Swank maintain that annual giving screening is necessary as a step to deal with uncertainty.

  • Learning from those who went before you

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    If you want to get to the top of an organization’s leadership, it may help to know how others got there and how they were chosen. That’s the premise behind Career Pathways to Philanthropic Leadership Baseline Report by the Council on Foundations in Arlington, Va.

  • Making the ask in a tough economy

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    Take a moment to ask yourself, “How do I feel about fundraising right now?” You might see that many of your donors are relocating, average gifts are slipping and first-time donors are hard to hold.

  • One circle of knowledge does you no good

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    Silos belong on a farm, not in your online marketing. With so many online marketing channels, from email to search to social networks, organizations may think separating some of the work in departments will help distribute responsibilities, but run the risk of minimal integration.

  • 3 Steps to Higher Search Engine Placement

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    How can you get your Web site to show up higher in results from search engines like Yahoo! or Google? It doesn’t take complex technical skills to get started. Just a little elbow grease can take you a long way.

  • The relationship is more than writing checks

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    Most nonprofit mangers operate without examining the entrails of birds to foretell the future, nor do they resort to checking crystal balls.

  • 9 things you need to know about seniors and boomers

    By The NonProfit Times — May 10, 2011

    The longer people live, the older they get. Once you have come to grips with that, it is good to realize that as people live longer (and therefore get older), they represent a growing segment of the population.


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