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Management Tips

  • Nonprofits seek, err… enhancements on the Web

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    Email communications can be tricky. Your nonprofit email needs to compete for attention against the newest pictures of youngest family members, chain messages, store coupons with 40 percent off, event reminders from friends and various body enhancement tricks.

  • 4 ideas for leveraging media and message

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    Most people want to know more about healthy eating and passing on those lessons to their children. But while healthy eating is the backbone of the Dairy Council of California’s mission, it wasn’t the first place people thought to get information.

  • 6 elements on grabbing people via social media

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    Unless you have been living on a remote island, it’s safe to say you know that social networks are exploding.

  • Roll the dice and make a move

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    Organizations need to step away from the one-size-fits-all approach of e-communications. Your constituents come to your organization in a variety of ways and want to interact on their own terms.

  • Make sure your organization is resilient

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    Not that they need reminding, but nonprofit leaders got a refresher course from the economic meltdown that they need to be, among other things, resilient. It is an important quality for organizations, but it can start with the people in them.

  • Can you afford to lose it all?

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    So, how important is your database? It’s so important that if you lost it, all the bailout money in the world wouldn’t be able to save you?

  • Translating the Tweets on Twitter

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    Tweet! Tweet! Tweedeedly-deet! It’s not a return of “Rockin’ Robin” for those who can remember the early rock ‘n roll song. No, it’s a whole new world of techno-jargon that changes just about as fast as the technology.

  • Religious groups need earthly goals

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    A strategic plan shouldn’t be a static piece of paper with lofty goals that will never be fulfilled by your parish. A strategic plan should give some direction to the vision you have for your organization, according to Theresa Shubeck, executive vice president of Ruotolo Associates Inc.

  • 4 ways to turn support into action

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    The Chicago-based Alzheimer’s Association wanted to go beyond information for those people dealing with the disease — it wanted to spurn action.

  • 5 ways to boost donors up the pyramid

    By The NonProfit Times — May 12, 2011

    A loyal direct mail donor might be passionate about your organization, but direct mail is all they know. Push the envelope with direct mail donors by getting them to climb the donor pyramid.


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