Management Tips

Does ‘Liking’ Convert Into Dollars?

March 7, 2013       Herschell Gordon Lewis      

As Facebook users surged past the one-billion mark and the Twitter logo has become omnipresent, a heavy percentage of nonprofits have established online Facebook pages, embraced Twitter messaging … and have experienced mixed results from experimentation with these new media.

VIP Treatment: 6 little things to leave an impression

May 16, 2011       Heather Burton      

Donors engage with your organization for a reason. They believe in what you do and probably have been touched personally by an experience related to your mission. At the same time, your donors are being woo-ed by other compelling causes.

5.7 Billion Dollar Service Legislation Passes Senate

March 27, 2009       Mark Hrywna      

The U.S. Senate approved the Serve America Act last night, moving forward with the first sweeping reforms of national service programs in 16 years.