Management Tips

Financial terms every fundraiser should know

June 24, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Jargon is often tossed around within any particular industry.

9 organizations with high response rates

June 18, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

What is your typical reaction when you receive a solicitation message? Most of the time, your first response would be to toss it in the trash. But according to the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), that instinct can change depending on the sender.

Millennials don’t wants calls or texts

June 18, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Millennials. Sometimes known as Generation Y (because they followed Generation X). There is no universal agreement on who they are, although they are considered to be those people born from the early 1980s to the early 1990s.

4 things to do after winning a grant

June 18, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Every nonprofit manager’s goal is to get a phone call (or email) from a funder saying they have accepted a grant application. This call likely will lead to some sort of celebration.

5 performance indicators to use

June 17, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Fundraising is so important than any nonprofit manager can become fixated on today’s numbers. Of course it’s good to do well now, but there are also long-range considerations that come into play.

3 ways to get your board on board

June 17, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

You really want that grant, but does your board agree? You’ll quickly find that getting grant funding is even more difficult when you don’t have the backing of your board of directors.

Surprises can actually work out OK

June 17, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Usually, managers dislike surprises. Very often they are bad, and even when they’re not they can be disruptive.

Booking volunteers as organizational assets

June 14, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

A sometimes glossed over asset of the nonprofit world are volunteers. What other sector has people who willingly work for them free of charge in such numbers? There is a value to free in this case. According to Independent Sector in Washington, D.C., a volunteer’s time was worth $22.14 an hour during 2012.

5 demands of board members

June 14, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

“I want, I want, I want!” That might be what it sounds like to you when your board asks for something but, instead of treating it like a burden, you should take these demands seriously.

4 basic financial statements

June 14, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

A nonprofit’s main focus is to carry out its mission to the best of its ability yet there’s one thing that cannot be lost in the desire to do good: A fiduciary responsibility to its funding sources and the community to use those resources prudently.