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Management Tips

  • Proposal is more likely to be funded if…..

    By The NonProfit Times — December 22, 2014

    The grantmaker to which you’re applying is a good match. You’ve got to match the proposal to the interests and capacity of the funder. Be sure the funder has supported projects within the topic area of your proposed program, and that the amount you’re requesting fits within the funder’s typical level of giving for similar types of work.

  • Competencies required of a CDO

    By The NonProfit Times — December 16, 2014

    The chief responsibility of a chief development officer (CDO) is, well, development. Having gotten past that hurdle, what does development mean?

  • 5 types of gifts

    By The NonProfit Times — December 16, 2014

    Donors make gifts. Nonprofits accept them. That’s simple enough.

  • Evaluating grant opportunities

    By The NonProfit Times — December 16, 2014

    Grants can support great work. But organizations must vigilantly avoid a culture in which getting a grant — any grant for any purpose — is what matters. Grants are a means to an end, and that end must always be the outcomes the funding supports.” Before pursuing grant opportunities, said Barbara Floersch, executive director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

  • Developing an aware office culture

    By The NonProfit Times — December 15, 2014

    One risk of risk awareness is that managers might believe that is the responsibility one person or department to manage risk – to be aware of it and deal with it in the workplace. In fact, awareness of potential problems must exist throughout the organization, from top to bottom.

  • Telling the financial story

    By The NonProfit Times — December 15, 2014

    People usually read what interests or excites them. For some people, a ledger sheet is as riveting as it gets. For others, maybe an adventure, a love story, a thriller/chiller.

  • 16 anti-fraud controls

    By The NonProfit Times — December 15, 2014

    It never lets up, nor should you. In nonprofit operations, that’s usually true no matter what “it” is.

  • Digital Cookies Takes On A New Meaning

    By The NonProfit Times — December 11, 2014

    Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) this month unveiled Digital Cookie, the first national digital platform in the history of the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

  • That’s A Lot Of Email

    By The NonProfit Times — December 11, 2014

    If you thought your inbox was overflowing on #GivingTuesday with emails from more charities than usual, you weren’t just imagining it.

  • Know these 4 types of bequests

    By The NonProfit Times — December 9, 2014

    By definition, a bequest is a gift of personal property (money, a house, etc) that is made through a will. Yet not all bequests are created equal.


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