Management Tips

Communication Takes A Lot Of Listening

October 27, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Are you talking to your staff every day or close to it? More importantly, are you hearing what they’re saying back? When fostering leadership within an organization, it is essential to analyze and break down silos that interfere with open communication and collaboration.

Basic Design For Financial Reporting

October 27, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

With all of the attention-grabbing techno tools available for documents, reports and presentations, it is tempting to load a “paper” with a huge array of charts, graphs, cartoons and clever uses of bright colors.
They can help convey the message, but used injudiciously they can also detract from it.

9 Things To Consider For Disability Accommodations

October 27, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Nonprofit managers are often very attuned to disabilities and the talents disabled people can bring to the workforce. Unfortunately, that awareness does not always translate into easy provision of accommodations for those employees.

Putting Donors’ ‘DUXs’ In A Row

October 25, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

The average email user only opens 14 percent of fundraising emails they receive. Are your emails being opened, or tossed straight into the digital trash bin, never seeing the light of day?

4 Primary Goals To A Mid-Level Donor Program

October 25, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

It might be tempting to think of mid-level donors as those between the major donors and those sending in their $10. There they are, why worry about cultivating them?

Know to Whom You’re Talking

October 25, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

It still pays big dividends to know who’s one the other end of the line. “A terrible package or solicitation to the right person has a greater likelihood of success than a great package or solicitation to the wrong person. That’s why a hotlist is still a very valuable tool for direct marketers,” said Lynn Swain, director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and Scott Schultz, president of the marketing firm of Schultz and Williams.

9 Ways For Expanding Small Shops

October 24, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Even if the prospect of growth is intimidating, sometimes it is necessary to expand rather than wither.

Documents OSHA is Going To Want To See

October 24, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Employees of nonprofits are as vulnerable to workplace accidents as employees at for-profit businesses, and nonprofits are just as vulnerable to judgments that wind up costing money.

5 Ideas For Making Data Decisions

October 24, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

While relying on a “gut feeling” might be helpful in deciding to not walk down a dark alleyway or wire money to “international princes,” it seems that data driven analysis beats assumptions and anecdotes in marketing. If we always just trusted our instincts, marketers probably wouldn’t use the data-driven best practices the industry relies on.

Steps For Readiness Beyond the Basics

October 18, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Before seeking grants, it’s smart to assess your organization’s capacity to compete effectively and to handle the money it might bring in. If it’s not ready to compete, a proposal is a waste of time and resources. If it’s not prepared to manage the money, a grant could place the entire organization at risk.