Management Tips

Is Your Ask For A Campaign Or Institutional

October 4, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Devising an effective case statement is a matter of having a clear idea of exactly what case is being made. If it’s a matter of making a case for the organization, that’s one thing. If it’s a case for a certain cause or initiative, that’s another matter.

5 Ways To Get Donors Comfortable

October 4, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

The old adage goes “ask and you shall receive,” but is there ever a point where you’ve asked too much of your donors, making them feel that you only want their money and potentially alienating them from your cause?

7 Ideas To Get Noticed By Partners

October 4, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

It’s no secret that every organization hopes it will become the “next big thing,” however it can be difficult to find where to start.

Building Trust With A Target Funder

October 3, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

No matter how good a grant proposal is, it won’t succeed unless the funder has confidence in the applicant organization. When you have a solid relationship with a foundation or corporate funder, your proposal is the starting point for discussion.

Diversity in the interviewing and onboarding process

October 3, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Choosing the right person to fill a leadership role in an organization is essential to the collaboration of a team and the ongoing success of an organization. But, finding the right person can be a difficult process.
During a recent session at the AICPA Not-For-Profit Industry Conference, Joan Pastor, president of JPA International Inc., gave a talk entitled “The Benefits of Considering Diversity and the Importance of Succession Planning,” addressing the importance of embracing diversity in the interviewing and onboarding process for new employees in leadership positions. Some of the points she addressed were:

4 Requirements For Religious Accommodation

October 3, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

The issue of religious diversity has become a pressing one, and not just because of demagogues whipping up hatred in pursuit of elective office.
Many more people are becoming assertive about religious affiliation in the workplace. Balancing competing demands of workplace productivity and religious observance can be a serious concern for managers.
The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has made a wide variety of material available on its website (, including an online resource for small businesses, the Small Business Resource Center (SBRC).
The site offers the following advice about employee requests for religious accommodation:

5 Things To Know About The Bond Market

September 29, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

While learning about the bond market might not be as fun as watching James Bond fight bad guys and drink martinis (shaken, not stirred), understanding the appeal of your nonprofit to enter the bond market and the potential debts that may be incurred is important when first entering the capital market.

Sustainability In Values, Impact, Your Nonprofit

September 29, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Prioritizing sustainability in your organization is similar to eating your vegetables and going to the gym on the mornings you’d much rather snooze a few more minutes. You might grumble about it at the time, but you know it is important to achieving balance for the long-term growth and well-being of your organization.

4 Steps for Choosing A Cloud Storage Solution

September 29, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

There are a lot of good reasons to put your nonprofit’s files in the Cloud. It can reduce the burden on IT staff and open up opportunities to do their work remotely.

Study: Legacy Societies Boost Bequests, Planned Gifts

September 27, 2016       Andy Segedin      

Legacy societies remain a popular method of both engaging donors and securing repeat gifts. All but 10 of the 120 largest American universities in terms of endowment size had a university-wide legacy society as of this past March. Nearly all, 104, of the institutions require no minimum gift for membership.