Management Tips

How to test and record fundraising messages

October 29, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

You don’t have to dive in. It’s usually good to test the waters before making a splash. The same philosophy applies to your marketing messages. As delivery methods can vary among brochures, websites, direct mail, email and now social media, one of the most important aspects of ensuring resonance of your message is to test it first.

Stay in touch with the primary grant-maker

October 29, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Congratulations, you were awarded the grant. All those months of cultivating the foundation or corporation paid off. You’ve read the agreement letter, signed the contract, and noted the report deadlines on your grants calendar.

Finding those $1G society donors

October 29, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Donations of any size are welcome, but receiving a donation from what is called a Society Donor, those who make big donations, can be especially helpful in the fundraising enterprise.

5 moments to ask for help

July 23, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Let’s face it: No matter how much you might want to think otherwise, you can’t do everything without some help when it comes to writing a grant application. The question is, then, what parts require the most assistance from your colleagues?

5 steps to being the 5-tool fundraiser

July 23, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Baseball scouts look for what they call the “five-tool player” — the one who can do it all.

Building your organization’s digital strategy

July 23, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Making an impact online these days requires more thought and strategy than ever. This is particularly true for nonprofits, which generally have smaller budgets and fewer resources at their disposal.

Showing up to the office as you

July 22, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

As people struggle to cope with the world, in either a small or large sense, they make decisions or perform actions that have far-reaching consequences. Very often, people do things one day they would not the next. Still, they have to construct some kind of coherent life, personally or for others.

7 demands to make for a sponsorship deal

July 22, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

But first a word from our sponsor ….

16 digital fundraising tips

July 22, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Even though online fundraising has become more common it still requires a strategic approach. In short, fundraisers need to know what they’re doing.

Elements of a volunteer position description

July 17, 2013       The NonProfit Times      

Getting a job done right means getting the right person to perform the task. In volunteer management it is important to explicitly discuss the parameters of a position because of the overwhelming number of people who might apply.