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Management Tips

  • 9 ways to jumpstart your program

    By The NonProfit Times — October 21, 2014

    Planned giving, as important as it is, can feel like an inert piece of machinery – very large machinery – when it needs to be restarted. Getting the thing moving looks like an impossible task. It does not need to be that way, however.

  • The shifting landscape of governance

    By The NonProfit Times — October 20, 2014

    It is a fact universally acknowledged that good leadership is important, but over the past few years, just as leadership has changed, so have views of what leadership is and what it should be doing.

  • Confusion regarding ACA fees

    By The NonProfit Times — October 20, 2014

    Lost among the hue and cry about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the burden of responsibility placed on employers regarding health care coverage, costs and reporting requirements.

  • Screening volunteers working with children

    By The NonProfit Times — October 20, 2014

    Over time, screening processes for employees and volunteers working with children have become more sophisticated. Still, some organizations have been well behind the curve in utilizing best practices when it comes to weeding out predators. It has become abundantly clear that a cursory reference check will not serve any more.

  • Social media in crisis communication

    By The NonProfit Times — October 16, 2014

    Just as social media can help spread damaging information in the blink of an eye, so can social media be used to stop, or at least alleviate, the calamitous consequences.

  • Lucky 13 checklist items

    By The NonProfit Times — October 14, 2014

    Ever walk into a room and forget why you went in there? It helps to write things down, sometimes even the simple things.

  • 7 tips for mining legacy gold

    By The NonProfit Times — October 14, 2014

    For fundraisers, it’s all about the donor pyramid. But the summit of that donor pyramid is the legacy gift. As Angel Aloma and Kevin Moran described — it’s the gold in the golden years of your organization’s database. That’s what makes the relationship with your planned giving department so critical.

  • Here’s when to start writing

    By The NonProfit Times — October 14, 2014

    Before digging into the first proposal, grantseekers should think closely about whether they’re ready to go for the grant. According to Holly Thompson, contributing editor for the Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, a good start is to outline clear, well thought-out answers to these questions:

  • 9 ways to trouble-shoot your proposal

    By The NonProfit Times — October 13, 2014

    You know this but don’t do it, anyway. You should never send out a grant proposal without first checking it for spelling errors and clarity. Since there is a lot more on the line than your competency at writing, it’s important that you do a thorough job when editing your proposal.

  • Social investing and several definitions

    By The NonProfit Times — October 13, 2014

    Board members often see mission and money separately. That changed during the 1960s, according to Eric John Abrahamson, Ph.D., in his book Beyond Charity. He wrote that when activists began to question why foundations’ investments seemed to be at odds with their missions.


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