Management Tips

5 Ideas For Prospect Research Help

October 18, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Small organizations sometimes need to think big when it comes to a specific project, in the long or short term. This might mean bringing in outside help, and that means doing the homework.

4 Steps For Building Donor Loyalty

October 17, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Though patience is a virtue, instant gratification still dominates most psyches. This should be kept in mind, as happy donors are generous donors, a philanthropy expert said recently.

4 Questions Help You Choose Between Google Apps And Office 365

October 17, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Is a hosted productivity suite right for your organization? Should you choose Google Apps or Microsoft Office 365? Here are four questions to help you make the call.

8 Things To Do When The EEOC Comes Calling

October 17, 2016       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Despite anyone’s best intentions, it is possible for a nonprofit to be charged with some type of discrimination, a charge that might be investigated by any of a number of governmental bodies.

Strategic Intangibles Are Everywhere

October 13, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Any strategy for a campaign, such as an annual development campaign, must have clear goals, methods and measurements, along with intelligent and efficient use of resources. Sometimes elements that aren’t always easily defined or measured are important, too.
Sometimes those elements can’t even be anticipated and are only recognized as they arise.
They are the intangibles and they are everywhere.
Speaking during the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) Fundraising Day In New York 2016, marketing specialist Guy Kawasaki said that the intangibles play a big part in ensuring success. They might be overlooked during the planning process, because they are difficult to define, but they can make a big difference.
Kawasaki detailed some of those intangibles:

Leadership Expands Potential Touch Points

October 13, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Leadership is a buzzword every election season, but it seems especially prevalent in these past few months leading up this November 8th. Members on both sides of the fence might be debating what it means to be a leader. Nonprofit managers already know the subject well and have been tinkering with the ideas of what makes a great leader for years.

4 Ideas For Auditing Your Data

October 13, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

What shape is your data in? Is donor information being entered correctly? Are you missing important details? Are the terms and units of your data consistent? If you’re not sure of the answers to these questions you need to conduct an audit of your data.

Who Builds Your Relationships?

October 11, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Mid-level donors are important enough to think of in terms beyond just money. A nonprofit and a donor can have a real and fulfilling relationship, real and fulfilling on both ends of the fundraising exchange.

Mid-Level Donors Need Love, Too

October 11, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Increasing revenue from Mid-level donors is no magic trick; making donors feel heard is the key to engagement. But where should your organization start?
“Mid-Level Magic: How to Conjure Upgrades From Your Mass Market Donors,” a session at the Bridge to Integrated Marketing and Fundraising Conference in National Harbor, Md., addressed the ways fundraisers can make donors feel heard.

Understanding What Makes Donors React

October 11, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Looking into a crystal ball or consulting a psychic won’t tell you who’s going to be your next major donor (probably). Neuromarketing can give you an inside look as to what is happening inside your donors’ minds and how to get the next big gift.