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How does your boss see you?

by The NonProfit Times - July 21, 2014

Regardless of the high-mindedness of any mission, the way people work together will affect the way an organization functions, meaning the mission will feel the results.

In his book “What Your Boss Really Wants From You,” Steve Arnesen wrote that the perceptions that bosses and their employees have of each other can have a big impact on the working relationship.

Arnesen emphasizes employees getting a good idea of how their bosses view them. He urges looking at the following areas:

  • Skills: What does the boss value about this employee? Employees should figure out which skills and abilities are held in highest value.
  • Strategic fit: How vital is this employee to the boss’s mission? Employees should know the boss’s agenda and overall mission and see how they fit into it.
  • Development: What does the boss think this employee needs to improve? Employees should work backward from the boss’s motives and preferences.
  • Sponsorship: How does the boss represent this employee to others? Employees should know the boss’s model for the perfect employee, and they should know how they compare to others.
  • Work history: What is the boss’s history with this employee? It is good to see how specific events affect the relationship.


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