8 benchmarking ideas for the staff

February 9, 2015       The NonProfit Times      

Benchmarking, a necessary part of the fundraising endeavor, is more than just assembling a mountain of numbers and letting them sit side-by-side.

During the 2014 Association for Healthcare Philanthropy (AHP) International Conference, Maeve O’Byrne and Susan Ryan of the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation said that benchmarking should not just focus on averages. Rather, it can be used to identify areas of excellence in employees, for example, as a way to bring others along on the road to efficiency and productivity.

They said that benchmarking could be useful if the following are kept in mind:

  • Understand the importance of good management information;
  • Know the numbers — don’t make assumptions;
  • Understand the benefits of measuring both cash and production, demonstrating actual growth and sustainability to the board;
  • Understand how benchmarking can identify areas of excellence;
  • Understand how to use key success indicators for planning;
  • Know the importance of understanding not only why people give but also how they give to a particular organization. Causes resonate, but understanding how donors give is key;
  • Be aware of why it is necessary to separate science from emotion; and,
  • Understand why it is important to know where the organization stands in relation to its peers. Be sure to be familiar with industry standards.
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