6 Ideas for Soliciting Gifts From African-Americans

November 29, 2016       The NonProfit Times      

Discussions regarding challenges of fundraising within the African American community have always boiled down to the lack of an ask. African Americans support causes and are a prime targets for fundraisers. In her book “Diversity and Philanthropy” Lilya Wagner offers advice for fundraisers who might work with African American causes and donors. That includes:

  • African Americans value personal contact over mass-produced solicitations and therefore direct mail is likely to be unsuccessful.
  • African Americans are less likely to have wills than Caucasians;
  • African Americans see giving motivations as “obligations;”
  • African Americans are interested in supporting their heritage and community;
  • Appeals to African Americans should be customized around social issues. Paint a picture of outcomes; and,
  • It is wise to engage African American giving circles, a form of giving that has increasingly been adopted.