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5 problems that need fixing…now

by The NonProfit Times - October 22, 2013

Most nonprofits exist to solve problems. These can crop up in many ways, but any organization that has problems with its donors has problems.

In his book “Almost Isn’t Good Enough” Wayne Elsey, founder and chief executive of Soles4Souls, a nonprofit providing shoes to people in need, suggests that there are five main problems nonprofits encounter from donors. Solving these problems, Elsey wrote, can help an organization increase its footprint and success.

  • “I can’t find you online.” Update the Website every 30 days (or 10). Hire or contract with someone who knows digital Web design. “If I can’t find you on Google, then you don’t exist.”
  • “I don’t understand what you do.” A good rule of thumb is if you can’t recite the mission of your organization, then you have no hope of spreading the message and funding your work.
  • “It’s difficult to get more information.” (Potential) Donors want to know something about the organization before they are asked their vital statistics, including address.
  • “It’s impossible for me to get involved beyond giving money.” Leaders should be asking how they can get more people involved so they can see the pain in the lives of those in need.
  • “I never hear from you except when you want me to give.” A relationship based on one party asking and the other giving isn’t much of a relationship.


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