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4 steps to making the most out of training

by The NonProfit Times - May 9, 2013

Rolling out a new piece of software or a new set of best practices takes some getting used to. That’s why properly training staff on how best to implement what’s new in your organization is essential to smooth day-to-day operations.

In “A Guide to Data Collaboration in Communities,” produced by Austin, Texas software company nFocus Solutions, the authors outline four essential ingredients of a good training program. The guide was written with data collaboration programs in mind, but the maxims the authors outline for training can be used for any organization on any project.

  • Communicate the importance of training. Leaders need to rally staff around training and communicate its importance. Show staff how proper training will better enable them to do their jobs. Training should come from the top down.
  • Use different training methods. Not everyone learns the same way, and not every program lends itself to each type of learning. Make sure you provide a good mix of reading, self-directed and in-person training modes.
  • Tailor training to meet staff’s various needs. Just as everyone learns differently, many groups need to learn different things. Your development office will need to know different aspects of a particular piece of software than your communications team or your organization’s bookkeepers.
  • Keep training going. For all but the most rudimentary new initiatives, there will be more to learn than can be covered in just one training session. Make sure multiple sessions are scheduled for all the employees who need them.


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