Management Tips

Being Chill About Complex Issues

April 26, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

One lesson to be learned from the everything-right-now 21st century is that everything must be not only right now but also very simple. The 2016 presidential campaign is showing America that simplistic lingo is what everyone wants and will get.

Using Data And What Not To Do

April 26, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      
    Strong grant proposals use relevant data to support the request for funding. “You can spot an experienced grantseeker by how artfully they use data,” said Barbara Floersch, Executive Director of The Grantsmanship Center in Los Angeles, Calif. “The successful grant professionals I know are obsessed with data.” Here are a few dos and don’ts for competing with the pros.

5 Steps To Telling Your Mission’s Core Story

April 24, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Isn’t much of the fundraising challenge, if not the entire nonprofit mission, presenting a story that relates what people have gone through while it also tells people what they can do about a particular situation?

7 questions you should ask a funder

April 24, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

How much do you really know about the funder? That’s the question you should be asking yourself before you call them to discuss a grant proposal. In his book “How to Win Grants,” Alan Silver wrote that once you’ve identified potential funders for your project, you should visit their websites to gather information about them. The information you gather from these pages will help you determine whether they even have the capacity to fund your project.

Pave The Way For Easier Corporate Partnerships

April 23, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Entities all over the country are faced with the challenges of doing less with more and trying to be elevated above the typical rat race. Some associations have taken to corporate partnerships, but such partnerships face a number of challenges including partners’ desire for return on investment, skepticism among boards and staff, and mission alignment.

4 Reasons You Should Care About Data

April 23, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

The Facebook, Cambridge Analytica data scandal is getting a lot of headlines. Fundraisers collect a lot of information on donors. What are fundraisers doing with it? They’re ignoring that data they are missing out on is an opportunity to increase impact.

Texting Gets Faster Reaction From Donors, Advocates

April 13, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

The average American spends 26 minutes each day texting, sending and receiving more than 41 messages daily.

Make Email Marketing Your Thing (Sponsored)

April 13, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Email is one of the most powerful tools your organization can use to educate donors about your mission and inspire action. Email can help you increase donations, enroll donors in a monthly giving program, solicit new gifts, recruit volunteers, and strengthen relationships within the community.

How to Use Facebook’s Free Fundraising Tools

April 13, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Facebook has been in the news a lot lately — and not for good reasons. But the most popular social media platform isn’t going anywhere soon, though, thanks to 1.17 billion active users every month, and 450 million users connected to nonprofit Facebook Pages.

Study Shows Board Chairs Mostly Unprepared To Lead

April 12, 2018       THE NONPROFIT TIMES      

Nonprofit board members have placed a focus on leadership training and succession planning for organizational executives in recent years. Board chairs, themselves, might be in need of some on-the-job training.