Diversity in Giving: The Changing Landscape of American Philanthropy

March 25, 2015       The NonProfit Times       [post_view]       0

Diversity in Giving: The Changing Landscape of American Philanthropy. America is in the midst of a dramatic cultural shift, but evidence suggests that organized philanthropy may be stuck in the past. As a nation becomes more ethnically and racially diverse, it is more important than ever to consider whether the fundraising playbook is due for an overhaul. We launched this study as a step toward answering questions such as “Do our current fundraising efforts reach the full spectrum of Americans who might support them? Are we speaking the language – literally and figuratively-of tomorrow’s donors?” The results of this survey will provide useful pointers toward a more inclusive approach to fundraising. In order to download this white paper you must be using Google Chrome, IE 11, or Firefox 36.0.1 or above

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