Managing Investment Risk for NonProfit Organizations

March 25, 2015       The NonProfit Times       [post_view]       0

NonProfit organizations tend to have investment portfolios with long time horizons, considering that most organizations plan to exist into perpetuity. Because of these long horizons, nonprofits can invest in riskier asset classes to achieve higher returns, but certain attention needs to be paid to the additional risks embedded into the portfolio through these vehicles. An active, multi-layer strategic management process is important to first understand what these embedded risks are and to ensure that the investment portfolio supports the long-term goals of the organization. In this perspective, Mary Jane Bobyock, Nonprofit Director of SEI’s Institutional Group Advisory Team, discussed the different levels of risk management for nonprofit organizations. In order to download this white paper you must be using Google Chrome, IE 11, or Firefox 36.0.1 or above

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