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  • Qgiv Level Up Your Social Fundraising

    Peer to peer fundraising is a great way to boost your nonprofit’s bottom line. Level Up Your Social Fundraising provides a guide to setting up and running a social fundraiser from start to finish. DOWNLOAD

  • Achieving Success with IBM Predictive Fundraising Analytics

    Today, successful fundraising can be referred to as a blend of artful creativity and data-backed science. While support and relationship-building are still cornerstones of effective philanthropy, they’re no longer the only tools available to today’s nonprofit organizations. Thanks to the significant growth of available data—and the technology to interpret it— today’s organizations have multiple opportunities to uncover new insights about their relationships with constituents, evaluate the impact of their programs, and improve fundraising. DOWNLOAD

  • Intacct: The Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide: A Mini Field Manual

    Nonprofit CFOs are under the gun to achieve so much! Nonprofit CFOs need to automate processes, improve productivity, create greater levels of transparency and visibility, enhance the governance of the organization, and strengthen the team’s decision-making and strategic focus. DOWNLOAD

  • Intacct Outcome Metrics: Measuring What Matters in the Nonprofit World

    Meet the increasing demand for greater transparency, accountability—and success. How do you know your nonprofit is truly delivering on the promise of its mission? Perhaps more to the point: Can you demonstrate your nonprofit’s effectiveness—to your funders, constituents, community, and charity evaluators. DOWNLOAD

  • IBM – Achieving Success with IBM Predictive Fundraising Analytics

    With the fluctuating economy, it’s exciting to see philanthropy increasing, but as a result, the competition among nonprofits for donor dollars is intensifying. Today, successful fundraising can be referred to as a blend of artful creativity and data-based science. As nonprofits explore solutions available to them in the marketplace, they must consider three core R’s for addressing challenges in fundraising: relevant data, relevant needs, and relevant business processes. Predictive analytics offers the most comprehensive and impactful solution to these fundraising challenges. DOWNLOAD

  • 10 Ways To Get Your Supporters To Take The Next Step

    This engagement workbook provides you with the steps to accomplish short-term goals and achieve long-term success as you guide your new supporters along the path of engagement. DOWNLOAD

  • EOY Fundraising Plan

    Charities receive more than one-third of overall giving during the end of the year, with some bringing in between 40 and 70 percent. You must be ready if you want your mission’s voice to be heard above the proverbial clanking bells. The fundraising experts at Abila have put together this quick reference checklist that will guide your planning, month-by-month, all the way to year’s end. DOWNLOAD 

  • 2015 UST Nonprofit Employee Engagement & Retention Report

    The Unemployment Service Trust (UST) reveals some of the most impactful strategies nonprofit employers are currently using in its latest report “2015 UST Nonprofit Employee Engagement & Retention Report.” “Now the third largest employer in the U.S. and growing, the nonprofit sector is crucial to the nation’s workforce,”explains the report.  The study highlights both employment trends within the nonprofit sector and correlations between employee engagement and turnover with various factors such as compensation, communication, culture, and hiring practices. DOWNLOAD

  • Nonprofits and Online Engagement in 2015

    What comes first? Engagement strategy or engagement systems? Nonprofits have been engaging donors, members and other constituents online since the Internet was known as the “Information Superhighway.” This webinar explores whether methods for keeping donors engaged online has kept up with the evolution of technology. More than 500 organizations participated to measure what they actually implement and accomplish using constituent relationship management systems, online engagement systems and email marketing practices. It measures online engagement tactics by agency size, tools and return on investment. DOWNLOAD


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