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  • Nonprofit Investment Challenges 2014

    SEI’s Nonprofit Management Research Panel recently completed a survey of executives and Investment Committee members from nonprofits in the U.S. to gauge their current investment challenges and concerns. The poll was completed by 150 executives from nonprofits ranging in size from $25 million to $5 billion in assets. The findings focus on participant responses on the use of alternatives, better leveraging the Investment Committee, risk management concerns and strategies, and opinions around investment outsourcing. The poll’s findings show how nonprofits are evolving to improve the overall effectiveness of the investment portfolio in achieving the organization’s mission. To read the complete survey findings download the free poll summary from SEI today.

  • 5 Ways To Psych Out Stakeholders

    Gary Belsky has been writing about decision making for almost 20 years, and remains amazed at the degree to which the field continues to change the way businesses interact with customers. Such disruptions, of course, haven’t been limited to for-profit organizations. Nonprofits can also use psychologicalinsights to widen their networks, strengthen existing relationships and turn cold leads warmer. “5 Ways to Psych Out Stakeholders” contains a handful of recent takeaways from the academic literature that can improve the way your NPO interacts with board members, donors, volunteers and employees.

  • How To Address 5 Workplace Inefficiencies

    Are you worried about maximizing your resources to save time and money? This free whitepaper, “Doing Well with Less: How to Address 5 Workplace Inefficiences,” offers practical tips and insights that empower your organization to fulfill its mission by moving beyond common pitfalls such as redundant processes, outdated technology and time-consuming data collection. Fifty-nine percent of leaders say efficiency is their top challenge—this free toolkit puts you and your organization ahead of the game!

  • The Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide

    How can a CFO survive this challenging environment? Intacct Corporation’s “Nonprofit CFO’s Survival Guide” discusses some of the key challenges, special requirements, and unusual
    constraints of financial management and shares some tips and best practices from numerous nonprofit finance experts.

  • Fraud Prevention Tips for Nonprofits

    Nonprofits adhere to their missions and try to have a positive impact in local communities and raise funds and awareness for causes. However, these efforts can be undercut by fraudulent activity. Charitable foundations can experience significant revenue losses of funds meant to support people in need if affected by malicious attempts to steal money. They can also suffer from long-lasting reputational damages, which can make it more difficult to attract new donors. Nonprofits need to be aware of the risks they face from different types of fraud to protect themselves and their donors.

  • Harnessing the Power of Technology for Effective Nonprofit PR

    When it comes to public relations (PR), many nonprofit professionals automatically think it is either too much for their time-crunched, small staff to take on, or too expensive to hire an agency that will handle it for them. And twenty years ago, they may have been right. Once upon a time, public relations consisted largely of creating press releases, identifying specific, individual reporters to reach out to, working on tight, print-related deadlines and vying for finite, often limited, space. If organizations were actually able to garner attention, they would need to manually scour for clips and do the cutting and measurement tracking themselves. It’s no wonder many nonprofits think this type of PR is more than they can handle. But in the new digital age, effective PR can be accomplished with a lot less, making it feasible for many nonprofits to handle outreach themselves. Thanks to technology, you can engage in a PR campaign with the tools you are already using – your CRM, Facebook, Twitter and a few new free or low cost tools

  • 3 Steps to Effective Nonprofit Talent Management

    “Nonprofit Staffing Strategies: 3 Steps to Hiring, Separations, and Staff Development at Your Nonprofit” by the UST Division of Nonprofit Research puts together the best tips for nonprofit employment—and unemployment— management. The goal of this white paper is to help your organization gain confidence in making the right talent management decisions at the right time.

  • Why You May Need a New Accounting System Now

    If you’re like most businesses, you’ve been using QuickBooks to manage your company’s financials. It’s well known. It’s easy. It works.
    But if your business has moved beyond the entry level, QuickBooks is costing your organization—slowing growth, stalling revenue, and draining productivity. When you need deeper functionality, improved automation, more robust security, tighter internal controls, and greater visibility, it may be time to switch to a new accounting system.

  • Tackling Organizational Change from the Inside Out

    How can nonprofit organizations successfully embrace new concepts, foster true innovation and tackle organizational change from the inside out to deliver real results? The very nature of nonprofit organizations means that they are most always working to do more with less, competing for funds, talent and awareness through ever-changing channels of communication. How then can they bring true innovative change to bear? The keys to successful organizational change, as reflected in this white paper, are to stop the things that are not working, to start acting with clarity and focus, to leverage communication channels, to build the proper base of information and talent, to communicate and engage more efficiently, and to foster a culture of engagement to drive innovative solutions to the world’s most complex problems.

  • The Essential Guide to End of Year Fundraising

    The Essential Guide to End of Year Fundraising takes basic fundraising principles to the next level with practical advice and effective tips for using online resources to enhance any end-of-year giving campaign. Employing email, social media and other online tactics, nonprofit organizations can gain insight on: • Making the ask with direct, powerful content • Three key dates for reaching supporters • Integrating messages across multiple channels • The importance of repetition in messaging and response A quick read with easy to understand language and advice you can start using immediately, The Essential Guide to End of Year Fundraising will help your campaign be a success.


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