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Hiring Tips & Strategies

  • Discrimination Claims In The Workplace Are Evolving

    By The NonProfit Times — March 11, 2015

    Employment discrimination complaints today cover a wider range of issues, some of which were nonexistent a generation ago. New areas of dispute can include telecommuting and sexual orientation.

  • 5 Ways To Support Your Employees

    By The NonProfit Times — December 3, 2014

    What does it take to be a great boss to your employees? According to Franz Metcalf and BJ Gallagher, nonprofit managers should take some lessons from the Buddha when it comes to treating employees with respect.

  • 4 Ways To Reward Employee Performance

    By The NonProfit Times — May 20, 2014

    Anyone who works in the nonprofit sector knows that, while the work is rewarding, it is also challenging. It is common for a typical employee to find him or herself working long hours to secure a potential major donor or finalize events for the annual gala. That’s why it’s important for nonprofit managers to reward their employees for all of the hard work they do.

  • 12 Office Morale Boosters

    By The NonProfit Times — March 4, 2014

    Even at the best of nonprofits there will be days when employee morale sags. Whether it’s due to declining fundraising numbers or any other number of stressful things, there are times when a manager must do something to raise spirits. In his book “1001 Ways To Reward Employees,” Bob Nelson lists 12 things you can do to turn a dreary office into a happy place:

  • 5 Ideas For Working With Volunteers

    By The NonProfit Times — December 26, 2013

    Volunteers are a necessity for most nonprofits and the Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, Canada is no different. According to Gail Nyberg, its executive director, volunteers are used at the organization solely because they are needed. Without them, she wrote in the book “5 Good Ideas,” they couldn’t come close to completing their mission of providing meals for the poor.

  • 5 Steps To Improve Employee Relations

    By The NonProfit Times — December 3, 2013

    A good nonprofit manager is someone who communicates with their employees in a way that is fair and clear. This might sound like a relatively simple task at first glance but, as Dave McKhenie explained in the book “Five Good Ideas,” it takes a lot of hard work and flexibility on the part of the manager.

  • Three Components Of Effective Leadership

    By The NonProfit Times — July 9, 2013

    What exactly is strong leadership? The term is thrown around so much these days that it has almost lost meaning, but just because it has become a cliché doesn’t mean it’s useless. On the contrary, an effective leadership team is essential to a successful nonprofit.

  • 5 Ways To Screen Job Candidates

    By The NonProfit Times — June 20, 2013

    Hiring a new employee for your nonprofit is one of the biggest decisions you will have to make as a human resources manager. As such, it’s imperative that you take the proper precautions before you make a final decision.

  • 8 Human Resources Dos And Don’ts

    By The NonProfit Times — June 18, 2013

    There is no doubt that talent is the greatest asset of any nonprofit. Without the right employees, an organization is unlikely to fulfill its mission in the most efficient way possible. That’s why it is important that human resources managers take the right approaches to the hiring process.

  • 5 Traits To Look For In Nonprofit Employees

    By The NonProfit Times — June 6, 2013

    Your nonprofit needs new employees but not any person will fit your needs. As a hiring manager, you need to pay close attention to the traits of the applicants that you receive via your job posting. Keeping in mind the culture and mission of your organization, you should look for the following five character traits when deciding which applicants to pursue:


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